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Inventory and Asset Tracking System for Information Technology

Passport is an integrated barcode system that provides a complete view of your IT assets with advanced inventory capabilities.

Use Passport to track your computers, network hardware, devices, and servers. It provides you with an accurate inventory count of all hardware and hi-tech equipment in your organization. Passport includes a comprehensive, feature-rich barcode system for IT Inventory Management.

The solution's built in capabilities for barcode and RFID dramatically increase efficiency and accuracy by improving the way systems, hardware and other technology assets are identified and tracked.

Passport makes it easy to know which assets a IT organization has and tracks their status and physical location. Inventory and track your PC and Mac computers wherever they are: on the road, at remote offices, etc.

Passport gives you an accurate, up-to-date picture of your IT environment, simplifying the complexity, volume and diversity of today's high technology equipment, even with constant change and unplanned additions to your information technology inventory.

Passport inventory and asset tracking system for IT, IS, and MIS

  • Track technology equipment by vendor: through filtering by specific provider, you can identify which components were purchased from which supplier

  • Accurately track where various devices reside, track a technical owner or the asset's user

  • Get one view of all your IT assets, Non-IT assets, devices and consumables

  • Get the complete ownership of all technology equipment and history for all assets

  • Tracks lease information of all assets and notify technicians on lease expiration

  • Create baseline groups for all your assets based on different criteria

  • IT asset location, tracking and control

  • Reduce capital investment, lease and rental costs by optimizing inventory

  • Maintains history of all the software and hardware changes that happens in the network

  • Get reports on machines that have not been scanned over a period of time

  • Get reports on system installations where the system is being used rarely

  • Mobile barcode and RFID data communication via USB cradle, Wi-Fi and 3G mobile

  • Ability to track parent-child relationships between the assets

  • Run complete asset summary and audit reports

  • Ability to fetch any type of report using query reports

  • Data export via Excel, text, HTML, etc.

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