Asset Tracking System and Fixed Asset Tracking Overview

The fixed asset tracking system that adapts to your business needs.


What is an Asset Tracking System?

Asset tracking systems provide an automated solution for companies that need to efficiently track fixed assets, IT assets, equipment, and more. The combination of a desktop application, mobile technology, and barcode scanners enable the comprehensive system. Asset tracking systems help make the best use of current resources, as well as help locate and control assets that are on and off-site. Deployment models include locally installed, hosted, and cloud hosted databases.

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Increase Business Productivity

Boost employee productivity and enable the management of assets.

Automate Asset Management Tasks

Automate the tasks you hate doing manually. Asset tracking systems collect the data and store it for you.

Why This Asset Tracking System?


Manage Fixed and IT Assets

  • Laptops, smartphones, tablets
  • Hardware & machinery
  • Computer accessories
  • Vehicles


  • Construction tools
  • Medical equipment
  • Fixtures and installations
  • Furniture

Track Documents

  • Delivery receipts
  • Medical records
  • Financial records
  • Legal documents
  • Contracts
  • Licenses and forms

Track Human Resources

  • Work/Labor hours
  • Duration at site locations
  • Patients
  • Employees
  • Project time

Asset Tracking System Barcodes

Configure Your Asset Barcode Labels

Design and print barcode labels in minutes with the asset tracking system's built-in editing and printing capabilities. Create barcode templates; add logos, color, and information so that assets can be grouped and/or uniquely identified.

Rename Data Fields and Forms as Needed

The data grids view is designed to be highly useful for managing your asset data. Easily rename data fields and columns so that your team can navigate through the information quickly and fluently.

Asset Tracking System Data Grid
Fixed and IT Asset Reporting Tool

Create Insightful Asset Reports

Through the ability to configure reports, monitoring and managing your widely distributed equipment has become simpler. You can also feed those who are hungry for asset information using the share and schedule reporting functionalities.

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