Online Inventory Management & Asset Tracking Made Easy



Sennheiser's Online Barcode System

Barcode System Helps Sennheiser

View our video testimonial for Sennheiser to see how they use barcodes and scanners to track assets in the cloud.


Mobile Asset Tracking w/ Smartphones

Mobile Asset Tracking Success

Check out how IGN Pro League uses our online asset tracking system to manage their equipment using smartphones.


Cloud Inventory and Asset Tracking

Online Inventory & Asset Tracking Overview

Watch an overview of how our inventory system or asset tracking system works in the cloud using smartphones, barcodes, and scanners.


Evolution of tracking and the barcode

Online Inventory System & Asset Tracking History

Watch how asset tracking systems, inventory systems, and the barcode have evolved over time to satisfy changing business environments.


Asset Tracking in the Cloud

DSC Tracks Asset Location in the Cloud

Down Syndrome Connection easily keeps track of computers, tablets, and electronic devices that move from person to person with our online barcode system.



Manage your inventory and track your assets on the go.

The smartphone app for our online tracking system gives you the ability to manage your asset or inventory system quickly and easily from your mobile devices, including iPhones, Android smartphones, iPads and other tablets.




Save Valuable Time

Manage and analyze your online barcode system content all in one place. With our advanced online features and mobile capabilities, you can spend less time managing your inventory system or tracking your assets, and more time growing your business.

Decrease IT Costs

No need to worry about complex system installations because there are none! With our web application, you can have your online barcode system up and running in a matter of hours.

Safe & Secure Data

Your online barcode system information is automatically and safely stored in the cloud. You can also create your own customized data backup plan that includes regular downloads to a local hard drive or server.


Top Features

Quickbooks Integration

Quickbooks Integration

BarCloud seamlessly integrates with Quickbooks out of the box. File the info you captured from multiple barcode scans in one place. Automatically sync cost info, generate sales orders, purchase orders, and more. Learn more.

Cloud Data Analytics

Data Analytics

View the important inventory management metrics and barcode tracking trends through various charts and graphs right form your smartphone or mobile device dashboard. Learn more.

Stores Smartphone Images

Image Capture

Take pictures of your assets using your smartphone or mobile device and store them in the image library. You can search for an asset that has a barcode by name, serial number, and picture. Learn more.

Mobile Access to Multi-site Info

Multiple Sites

Administrators can check individual site stock inventory levels as well as the total level of multiple combined locations in BarCloud. Mobile barcode scanners and smartphones allow users to do this while out of the office. Learn more.

Online Backup with Box

Online System Data Backup

Our online system partners with Box to give you piece-of-mind when it comes to backing up your system and securing your inventory and asset content online. Learn more.

Advanced Inventory Management

Advanced Inventory System

Our online system tracks quantity-based, or more complex inventory such as batch-lot and serialized inventory, with mobile barcode scanners.Learn more.

Easily Import Spreadsheets

Import into the Cloud

Import your asset or inventory system data quickly and easily from an Excel spreadsheet, text, or CSV file. Learn more.

Easily loan assets online

Mobile Check in/out

Loan out assets with assigned due dates directly in our cloud system. Know when clients or team members have checked out an asset using a scanner and when it is due to return. Learn more.

Data Mapping Online


Map barcode spreadsheet content directly in BarCloud in order to organize your essential information how you wish. Inventory management and tracking has never been easier.Learn more.

Configurable Smartphone Alerts


Set configurable inventory management alerts so you can be notified when important asset and inventory events have occurred. Alerts are sent directly to your smartphone or other mobile device. Learn more.

Barcode Asset Maintenance


Schedule and perform asset maintenance in BarCloud so that each asset you have attached a barcode to works better and receives extended asset life. This feature adds to the completeness of BarCloud for asset tracking.Learn more.

Mobile Inventory Management System

Add Stock

Mobile barcode scanners and smartphones allow users to add stock inventory or an asset into BarCloud at one location or users can scan a barcode on-the-go at multiple locations.Learn more.

Data Backup

Data Backup

We partner with Box to give you peace–
of–mind when it comes to backing up
and securing your inventory and asset
content online. Learn more.

Advanced Stock Inventory

Advanced Stock Inventory

Track quantity–based or more complex
inventory such as batch-lot and serialized
inventory. Learn more.

Data Import

Data Import

Import your data quickly and easily
from an Excel spreadsheet or text or
CSV file. Learn more.

Check in / Check out

Check in / Check out

To and from tracking of your assets and
inventory with due dates. Know when
employees, clients or team members
have checked out an asset and when it
is due. Learn more.


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