Web Based Inventory Management

Our inventory management software allows you to perform web-based inventory tracking, cloud inventory control, and it stores your important data online easily and securely. BarCloud helps eliminate manual data entry and paper tracking files by automating the record-keeping process.


Online inventory management system for your changing needs

Rename inventory data fields

This simple idea helps make your web-based inventory management software user friendly. With BarCloud, you can rename any data field to your preferred terminology

Configure barcode labels

From warehouse shelves to job numbers, almost anything can be tagged with a barcode! Our inventory management software enables you to format your own barcode labels.

Configure reports

This online inventory system allows for unlimited reporting with an easy-to-use online report generating tool. You can also choose from our built-in reports that have been intuitively designed.

Rename Web Based Inventory Management Data Fields Online Inventory Management Barcode Labels Configurable Online Inventory Software Reports

Track different types of inventory

Our inventory management software uses barcode technology with wireless handheld scanners, smartphones, and tablets to help your track and manage your different types of inventory in the cloud, including:


Standard inventory

Define by a stock number and track by
location, number and quantity. The
same stock number can be used at
multiple locations.

Standard inventory

Serialized inventory

Inventory your individually tagged items
using an ID or serial number. Serialized
inventory also allows for the contents of
the item to be quantified. For example,
appliances, equipment, medication vials,
and chemical drums.

Serialized inventory

Batch–lot inventory

Track inventory with expiration dates, such
as food, medical supplies, chemicals, etc.
Batch–lot inventory tracking also enables
you to track date codes, and lot codes.

Batch–lot inventory

Benefits of Web Based Inventory Management

  • Increased accountability and web-based control
  • Cost savings from reduced stock levels
  • Immediate online access to current stock levels
  • Elimination of errors caused by book-based inventory
  • Elimination of unexpected inventory shortages
  • Reduced time to receive and issue out inventory
  • Reduced time for physical inventory
  • Rapid payback of SaaS cost
How to Benefit from Web Based Inventory Management

Inventory Management Online Features

  • User configurable to your specifications
  • Track all inventory received in the cloud
  • Track work-in-process (WIP)
  • Receive using purchase order or without purchase order
  • Receive to a default location or to a scanned location
  • Receive using unit of measure (UOM) multiplier
  • Issue to customers / jobs / production / scrap
  • Allow same stock number at multiple locations
  • Record all inventory issued by destination
  • Issue against sales order or without sales order
  • Maintain standard inventory cost in the cloud
  • Maintain supplieer information in the cloud
  • Categorize raw materials, WIP and finished goods
  • Conduct online physical inventory or cycle counts
  • Reconcile physical inventory to book inventory
  • Receive using purchase order or without purchase order
  • Generate web-based management reports
  • Export online data via PDF, Excel, Word, etc.
  • SaaS for printing barcode labels and catalogs
  • Provide global and local inventory levels
  • Support random and dedicated put away
  • Automatic web-based reorder
  • First In, First Out (FIFO) control
  • Use cabled or portable barcode scanners