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Data Import
Data Backup with Box
Signature Capture
Active Directory
UPC Look-Up
Pack & Ship

Data Import

This feature allows you to import your inventory and asset data
quickly and easily from an Excel spreadsheet anywhere—anytime
using Google Drive, MS SkyDrive,, and Dropbox.

Importing your data can be done in 3 easy steps:

1. Choose and login into the available source
to select the data you want to import.

2. Select where you want the data to go

Select the destination data file to which you will import

3. Find the data you want to import and match-up fields

Navigate to the source CSV, or Excel file
Map the data fields of interest
Validate the data: Once validated, the data will populate the corresponding
mapped fields onscreen.

4. Perform the import

Save this particular import setup with a unique name for future imports.

Import Inventory Spreadsheet Data
Login into either Google Drive, MS SkyDrive, box, or Dropbox to import batch-lot, serialized, and serialized with quantity inventory data via Excel files.
Watch an Easier Way to Import Data

Watch a video on how the Data Import Tool makes it easy and quick to import inventory data in BarCloud anytime and anywhere using different sources such as Google, MS SkyDrive, Box and Dropbox.


QuickBooks Integration

ASAP BarCloud fully integrates with QuickBooks, giving you barcode capabilities to extend the usability of QuickBooks. Stockroom and warehouse tasks using hand-held mobile barcode scanners means that you can do away with your repetitive QuickBooks accounting tasks such as generating bills, item receipts, inventory adjustments and invoices — with our inventory and asset software, these tasks are done for you automatically.

BarCloud integrates with:

  • QuickBooks 2007+
  • QuickBooks Pro
  • QuickBooks Premier
  • QuickBooks Enterprise
QuickBooks Integration

Data Backup with Box

We partner with Box to give you peace–of–mind when it comes to backing up and securing your inventory and asset content online.

With just a push of a button in ASAP BarCloud, businesses can quickly backup critical data to Box servers. It's a convenient and easy way to protect your company from disaster.

More than 150,000 businesses and 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use the Box service, a dynamic, flexible content management solution that empowers users to share and access their data from anywhere, while pro- viding IT with enterprise-grade security and oversight into how that data moves within their organizations. Content on Box can also be accessed through mobile applications and extended to partner applications.

Backup Inventory Data with One Click

Click on the Backup BarCloud link from any Admin menu within the system to initiate the quick and easy process of backing up inventory management data into Box.

Log into Box through BarCloud

Enter your Box account credentials to grant BarCloud access to your account to perform the data upload.


Use stock inventory analytics to effectively measure the quantity of stock items you have on hand, stock item counts, and inventory usage metrics. The analytics tool provides quality insight in order to understand behavior and develop inventory best practices.

Use analytics to visualize key inventory data like:

  • Quantity of stock items on hand
  • Inventory levels
  • Stock categories

Identify Inventory Trends

Improve inventory control through the combination of stock inventory analysis and evaluation.

Visualize Your Reports

Utilize graphs to understand and interpret the data in your stock inventory reports.

Signature Capture

Increase accountability and auditing using signature capture on the BarCloud mobile app with smartphones, mobile devices and tablet PCs to capture the person’s signature when performing a variety of inventory related transactions.

Automatic Signature Capture for:

  • Receive Transactions
  • Move Transactions
  • Issue Transactions
  • Dispose Transactions
  • Physical Inventory

Select Signature Capture Settings

Configure signature capture for inventory management by establishing whether a signature is enabled or required when receiving, issuing, moving, or disposing inventory stock items.
Watch Signature Capture Video

Watch a brief overview of Signature Capture; a new element to the BarCloud mobile app that adds an additional layer of verification on inventory transactions that take place from receiving and moving items to checking out and disposing of assets.


Active Directory

With BarCloud's Active Directory integration, import user login details such as accounts, login authentication and single sign-on capabilities so that it is easier to integrate a list of user information.

Active Directory allows you to:

  • Import user account status
  • Import department information associated with users
  • Import users' address
  • Update asset's location
Active Directory for Inventory Tracking
Active Directory for Inventory Management

Easily Import Accounts to Groups

Import accounts that belong to specific groups within your current organization that are tracking stock inventory by choosing department information and moving it over to BarCloud to be integrated.

Online Inventory SMS & Email Alerts

Set minimum and maximum inventory quantity triggers for the total inventory amount across all your storage locations. Once a supply level hits the selected trigger amount, the system sends out a configurable alert via SMS text and/or email to notify all selected personnel. This information helps you avoid costly inventory shortages or overflows.

Set Alerts for when:

  • Inventory is too low
  • Inventory is too high
  • Inventory is out
Active Directory for Inventory Tracking
Active Directory for Inventory Management

Create Your Own Alerts

Input the content of your email or text alert including a subject line, intro, and body straight from the system configuration dashboard and select which people will be alerted.

All stock inventory features

  • Track all inventory received
  • Track work-in-process (WIP)
  • Receive using purchase order (PO) or without PO
  • Receive to a default location or scanned location
  • Receive using unit of measure (UOM) multiplier
  • Issue to customers / jobs / production / scrap
  • Allow same stock number at multiple locations
  • Record all inventory issued by destination
  • Issue against sales order (SO) or without SO
  • Automatic reordering of inventory
  • Maintain standard inventory cost
  • Maintain supplier information
  • Import data using Google Drive, MS SkyDrive, Box, Dropbox.
  • Categorize raw materials, WIP, finished goods
  • Conduct physical inventory or cycle count
  • Reconcile physical inventory to book inventory
  • Generate management reports
  • Export data via PDF, Excel, Word, HTML, etc.
  • Print barcode labels and catalogs
  • Provide global and local inventory levels
  • Support random and dedicated put away
  • First In, First Out (FIFO) control
  • Analytical graphs and charts for viewing data
  • Use cabled and portable scanners
  • User configurable to your specifications
  • Rename any data field at your convenience.

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