Online Asset Tracking App

Our web-based asset management and tracking system uses barcode technology with wireless barcode scanners and smartphones to help you track and manage all of your equipment in the cloud and online. BarCloud helps eliminate manual data entry and paper tracking files by automating the record-keeping process.


Why Choose BarCloud? 

Rename data fields

This simple idea helps to make your web-based
system user friendly. With BarCloud, you can
rename any data field so it matches whatever
terminology you want to use.

Configure Barcode Labels

From warehouse shelves to job numbers, almost
anything can be tagged with a barcode, making
management of these assets easier. Our web-
based tracking system enables you to format your
barcode labels to meet your requirements.

Configure reports

This cloud system allows for unlimited reporting
management with an easy-to-use online report
generating tool. You can also choose from our
built-in reports that have been intuitively

Rename Data Fields with our Web-based, Cloud System Configure Barcode Labels all Online with our Cloud System Configure Reports Online with our Cloud SaaS

Benefits of our SaaS

  • Immediate web-based access to asset location
  • Simplified government mandated record management
  • Increased accountability and web-based control
  • Reduced costs from allocating idle equipment
  • Elimination of errors in book-based tracking
  • Elimination of missed maintenance schedules
  • Lost and misplaced equipment management
  • Reduced time for physical inventory
  • Rapid payback of SaaS cost
Web-based Asset Tracking System in the Cloud

Web-based Features

  • Tracks equipment by location, in the cloud
  • Tracks whether asset is active or inactive
  • Tracks serial number and model number
  • Enables web-based data field renaming
  • Enables addition of new items in the field
  • Conducts standard reports for depreciation
  • Assigns asset categories in the cloud
  • Reconciles physical inventory to book inventory
  • Keeps asset photographs, documents and videos in the cloud
  • Generates management reports
  • Maintains asset cost records
  • Schedule and perform Asset Maintenance in our web-based system
  • Web-based Email and SMS alert system for equipment
  • Locate equipment on a geographical map
  • Generate the easiest route available to asset location
  • Prints barcode labels and barcode catalogs
  • Exports data via PDF, Excel, Word, HTML and more
  • Uses off-the-shelf, hand-held barcode scanners
  • Works with virtually all types of equipment labels
  • Easy to use, web-based system
  • No programming required
  • User configurable web-based system
  • Drag and drop functionality for transactions and menus
  • Easy reference graphical dashboard display
  • Unlimited, configurable report editing online
  • Records notes for each asset in the cloud
  • Visualize analytical metrics and graphs online
  • Schedule and perform equipment maintenance
  • Perform asset maintenance on smartphones
  • Import asset data using Google Drive, MS SkyDrive, Box, Dropbox
Web-based Asset Tracking System in the Cloud