Case Studies

These success stories show how we've helped our customers make their inventory management and asset tracking more efficient, accurate and just plain easier!

The University of Hawaii

With the introduction of a new science building and programs, the University of Hawaii (UH) needed a barcode inventory system to track university resources both fixed assets and consumable inventory. The dilemma was finding an inventory system to track thousands of stock inventory items and educational resources in a timely and organized manner.

ASAP Systems provided UH with its Passport barcode inventory system which allowed them to successfully track stock inventory levels, check out-in equipment, and perform mandatory maintenance. UH was able to save time and money, and improve inventory and asset performance using ASAP Systems' Passport. Click to learn more about UH success story. Read full University of Hawaii—Maui college case study

Octo Consulting Group

Founded in 2006, Octo Consulting Group has been providing efficient and agile IT solutions to clients in the defense, health, intelligence, and security markets. The company recently moved its company headquarters and is opening two new offices in the greater Washington DC Area and Atlanta, Georgia to better serve clients in those regions.

Octo's success and expansion spurred a hiring boom, as well as the purchasing and redistribution of several hundred IT assets worth over $200,000. It was up to the IT department to account for the location of new and existing assets throughout the duration of these structural changes and beyond. In order to supervise and control this increased asset movement, the management decided it needed a comprehensive inventory and asset management solution. Read full Octo case study

Shure Inc.

Founded in 1925, Shure Incorporated is widely acknowledged as the world’s leading manufacturer of microphones and audio electronics. Over the years, the company has designed and produced many high-quality professional and consumer audio products that have become legendary for performance, reliability, and value. Shure’s diverse product line includes world-class wired/ wireless microphones, networked audio systems, award-winning earphones and headphones, and more. Today, Shure products are the first choice whenever audio performance is a top priority.

A part of the relationship between Shure and their endorsed artists involves Artist Relations loaning the company’s audio equipment to the artists while they perform on tours, both nationally and internationally. When any of their endorsed bands needs gear for an upcoming show, for example, it’s Artist Relations’ responsibility to find the product in their inventory, ship it to the band, and make sure the product is ready for use when it is returned. In order to optimize the operation of loaning inventory, Shure wanted to implement a barcode inventory system. Read full Shure Case Study

Matagorda County Educational Services

Matagorda County Educational Services (MCES) provides a continuum of child-centered and supportive services for non-traditional learners in collaboration with families and schools. In an effort to empower students to reach their full potential, MCES maintains and issues an inventory of assistive technology such as iPads, laptops, and communication devices, as well as physical therapy, furniture, and special needs equipment.

Following the use of a paper-and-pen system for a number of years, MCES decided it was time to advance their inventory and asset management processes. The organization wanted to eliminate manual methods of asset tracking and record keeping that contributed to the loss of roughly 7% of total assets over the years. It became apparent to MCES that they needed to implement a comprehensive inventory system to help make inventory and asset management easy and efficient. Read full MCES case study

California State Parks- San Clemente State Beach

Since 1864, California State Parks has helped preserve the state's biological diversity and protect its most valued natural and cultural resources. The organization's park management services spread across 280 park units that consist of redwood and wildlife reserves, state beaches, reservoirs, and museums, to name a few. Among those park units is San Clemente State Beach, which issues supplies to six state beaches along the "Orange Coast" region of Southern California.

"Maintaining our stock inventory by manually counting what we had was a nightmare; the process was totally unorganized," says Laura Griggs from the purchasing department at San Clemente State Beach, a California State Park. Read full CA State Parks Case Study

Windy City Equipment

Founded in 2003, Windy City Equipment Service, Inc. has grown from a one-man operation servicing a few customers to a large-scale provider of commercial kitchen equipment parts and repair services. The company is located in Phoenix, Arizona and works with a variety of restaurants, hospitals, schools, and other institutions. Some of their customers include Taco Bell, Fuddruckers, Costco, and Burger King.

With a growing customer base in the Southwest and an increase in total inventory on-hand, the organization needed a barcode inventory system that could be scalable to their growth. In an effort to advance the company's inventory operations, a barcode system was needed to accurately track the complete lifecycle of their inventory starting when parts were received from manufacturers until they were issued out to customers.  Read full Windy City Equipment Case Study

Belmont University School of Nursing

Belmont University's School of Nursing is a highly regarded program that prepares students to launch into a nursing career offering specialties in critical care, maternal-infant health, emergency care, pediatrics, geriatrics and more. The school provides cutting-edge simulation laboratories designed to reproduce realistic practice settings for students to gain hands-on clinical experiences and enhance their skills. These labs require readily available stock inventory and assets for faculty to use for lessons and students to use during exercises. With the growing number of students using the school's six clinical simulation labs (CSL's) and the overall increase in supplies, Belmont University needed a centralized and automated system to keep track of all inventory activity and information. Read full Belmont University School of Nursing Case Study

East Kansas Chemical

East Kansas Chemical has been a wholesale and retail agricultural chemical and seed supply company since 1972 and is owned by several mid-western agricultural suppliers. The company has locations in Wellsville and Kingsdown, which serve Kansas, and surrounding states, with the best seed and crop protection products available.

In order to improve the overall performance of the asset tracking system in place, the organization wanted to avoid using a paper-based system, which would be overwhelming considering the large amount of assets they wanted to track. They needed a powerful barcode-based asset tracking system that could give them the capability to track tankers and intermediate bulk containers (IBC), as well as the bulk chemical and seed products stored within the containers, in real-time using mobile, commercial handheld scanners. Also, it was essential to track and document the maintenance activity on each asset due to the chemical make-up of some of the asset contents. Read full East Kansas Chemical Case Study

The Center for Health Care Services

The Center for Health Care Services (CHCS) improves the lives of people with mental health and developmental disabilities or substance abuse challenges in Bexar County, located in the greater San Antonio, Texas. Throughout dozens of facilities, departments, and programs within the region, the main objective is to provide these individuals with independent and productive lives; preventing unnecessary jail and hospital visits, thus saving taxpayers from paying for these visits.

To accomplish their goals, CHCS needed an easy-to-use inventory management and asset tracking system to accurately monitor IT equipment and stock inventory being used by employees to save time and money and begin improving inventory performance. Read full Center for Health Care Services Case Study

South Florida Vascular Associates (SFVA)

South Florida Vascular Associates (SFVA) is a comprehensive medical practice specializing in minimally invasive endovascular solutions to diagnose and treat diseases of the blood vessels. Since 2001, their clinical office-based vascular practice has provided an excellent alternative to open surgery performed at the hospital for patients from the Boward and Palm Beach counties. Their technologically advanced procedures reduce the risk, complications, pain, and recovery time involved in surgery.

In serving a variety of patients, SFVA needed a powerful and efficient inventory and asset tracking system to save them time and money that also had the ability to efficiently manage inventory items used up in procedures, keep track of procedural costs, and monitor items they needed to order. Read the full South Florida Vascular Case Study .

Malmstrom Air Force Base INNs and Suites

ASAP recommended a complete system that included Passport, the company's configurable and automated asset and inventory tracking solution, along with barcode labels and Motorola mobile barcode scanners. Thus, Air Force Inns' Montana property are now more responsible for the stewardship of assets under their control — things like furniture, bed linens, televisions and DVD players. Prior to using ASAP Systems' inventory and asset tracking system, Air Force Inns was utilizing an inefficient manual system with a pen and paper which ignited many standalone problems.

Passport helps Malmstrom Air Force Inns' Montana Property reduce the time it takes to do property's bi–annual audits by making counts one hundred percent more accurate, therefore, eliminating problems due to human error. Generating real-time reports to share with employees and superi¬ors gives detailed knowledge of the property's assets and inventory levels, including: what needs are maintained or replaced, items that need to be re–ordered, and what has been moved Read the Full Malmstrom Air Force Base INNs and Suites , case study.

Imbibe, Inc

Over the course of our nearly 50 year history, Imbibe has built an extensive and proprietary database, the HeadStart Library™, cataloguing thousands of developed beverage formulas and flavors. Imbibe's resources enable flavor chemists and beverage scientists to turn around projects faster than anyone else in our industry and, most importantly, produce better results.

With the testing of various samples, the company needed an automated inventory management system that enabled lab chemists to manage and track the development of drink samples in real time as they are moved from shelf-to-shelf around the lab through the development process. To create tasteful beverages, Golonka and his team needed to track the location of samples, incoming and outgoing inventory and the concentration of expiration dates.

The search led to ASAP Systems' Inventory management software, Passport, a credible barcoding platform that is easy-to-use, configurable and feature-rich.

Passport provided the ability to successfully barcode everything from location and stock items received to flavors created with the inclusion of batch-lot date codes. This decreased the time needed for data collection by quickly scanning each sample, performing receiving and issuing transactions, and managing the expiration dates of each sample. Read the Full Imbibe Inc., case study.

Balsz School District

Balsz School District, located in Phoenix, Arizona, consists of five school campuses with approximately 2,900 students enrolled. Balz School District looks to nurture the unique skills and abilities of all learners by empowering students to be globally competitive and innovative thinkers who contribute to their community's sustainability. To this end, they provide their students with an ample amount of technological equipment.

The district needed an easy-to-use and menu-driven asset tracking system to accurately track educational resources using barcode technology to save time and money, as well as to have complete control over the movement of their equipment.

Using ASAP Systems' Passport asset tracking barcode software provided Balz School District with the tools needed to successfully track and control school resources as they continue to grow. The day-to-day task of checking out and checking in these items was quickly and accurately accomplished by use of barcode labels and mobile scanners and tethered barcode printers. Read Full Balsz School District Case Study.


Hickam Air Force base is located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, shares its runways adjacent to Honolulu's International Airport, and is the Headquarters of the United Pacific Air Force. Consisting of over 2,850 acres and valued at more than $444 million, Hickam Air Force base is a powerful presence of national security for the United States of America.

"As Critical Care Air Transport Team members, we rely on our supplies and equipment to afford us the means to provide for the Air Force when needed. We must have the right supplies and the right amount, as well as know the location these supplies are located. I must have equipment that is maintained and operational," says Captain John Fowler, Critical Care Air Transport Team (CCATT) IT Consultant and Coordinator at Hickam Air Force Base, US Air Force.

Hundreds of supplies and assets valued at millions of dollars needed to be tracked, all of which had to be at 100% operational readiness as needed. Thus, a powerful inventory and asset tracking system needed to be implemented that would eliminate task redundancy, save time and money, and improve inventory control. Read full Hickam Air Force Base Case Study

Keiser University

Keiser University is a private university, for over 30 years has maintained a practical, hands-on approach to career education by providing educational programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels in traditional and online delivery formats. "Our studentcentered approach remains at the foundation of our mission and continues to attract students who prefer a more personal learning experience," said Christopher Coleman, member of the Management Information Systems Department at Keiser University "There was a need to control fixed assets within the university. Most fixed asset allocations were previously a line item entry and the growth of the company required the inventory of additional physical assets," 

With furniture, computers, software, audio visual equipment, medical equipment, and laboratory equipment all located on-site at their campuses and corporate offices—Keiser University needed a powerful and efficient inventory and asset tracking system to save time, money and keep control over the lifecycle of the movement of inventory. Read full Keiser Case Study

Vancouver Police Department, Washington

Vancouver Police Department (VPD), the police force for the City of Vancouver in Washington State, patrols and protects the community from the West Precinct to East Precinct with a population of over 165,000 citizens who call the City of Vancouver home. Their mission is to work with the community to protect life and property through proactive problem solving, fair and equitable law enforcement, and effective use of available resources. 

Because the Vancouver Police Department was experiencing organizational changes, they were faced with a significant increase in the number of acquisitions of both assets and consumable inventory which needed to be tracked. Due to increasing regulations and compliance issues on fixed assets and inventory by auditors, VPD consistently needed to per- form important inventory and asset audits in order to meet controlled mandates. Read full VPD case study


Quasar manufactures parts of its device and assembles the entire product in its Sarasota headquarters. Because Quasar devices are considered a medical tool, the company has to follow specific FDA guidelines and ISO Standards to ensure the quality of their product to customers. And, in the unlikely case they need to recall product, Quasar must also track both vendor and customer information — giving them detailed accountability for where parts came from, what the delivery date was, who has purchased products and more. With so many variables to consider, Quasar needed an inventory management system that was both sophisticated and flexible.

Prior to working with ASAP Systems, Quasar used QuickBooks to track its inventory, including parts and finished products, but the accounting software wasn't meeting their needs. For example, it didn't allow the company to track by batch (lot) number or to customize the inventory attributes to include things like expiration dates and vendor information.
Read full Quasar Bio case study

Arlington County Fire Department (ACFD), Logistics Branch

Arlington County Fire Department (ACFD) uses a centralized warehouse that's responsible for inventory management and asset tracking at the department's 10 fire stations as well as the fire training and fire marshals offices. When LaMar Smith, Arlington's Fire and EMS warehouse coordinator, first came into his role, the department was doing all their tracking manually with pen, paper and Excel. With a background in inventory management in the Air Force and at Canada Dry, Smith knew there was a more efficient and accurate way for the department to track inventory and assets and so he turned to ASAP Systems. Read full ACFD case study

Servpro of St. George

Founded in 1967, Servpro® Industries, Inc. is a franchisor for more than 1,600 fire and water cleanup and restoration franchises that serve both residential and commercial customers.  When a flood or disaster happens at your home or work, getting out safely is of course the number one concern.  But once the immediate danger is over, it's time to shift into cleanup mode.  The quicker mitigation services begin, the less damage occurs.

"We have to be ready to react 24 hours a day, 7 days a week" says Shane Darger, mitigation estimator/project manager for Servpro, St. George. "The equipment we use is very specialized for mitigation and restoration and can range from $1,200 to $6,000 per piece."

Until recently, Servpro of St. George was tracking all of their warehouse inventory and equipment manually.  This included consumables such as chemicals, rubber gloves and PPE (personal protective equipment) suits, to high value assets such as air movers, dehumidifiers and steamers.

"We were losing equipment when we went from job site to job site.  In fact, we just found equipment at a job site that we hadn't been to for over a year. With ASAP Passport, that doesn't happen anymore." Read Full Servpro Industries case study

Servpro of the Seacoast

SERVPRO of the Seacoast (Storm Team Robbins), based in Dover, New Hampshire, specializes in "extreme" restorations for residential homes or commercial structures damaged by water, fire, disaster, mold, storms and floods. 

The commercial and residential loss industry (in which SERVPRO of the Seacoast operates) requires a lot of expensive, specialized equipment that is stored in the company's warehouses or stockyards between jobs. When the team gets called up for a restoration project, that equipment needs to be accounted for and ready–to–go in the field at a moment's notice. And on any one project, the average value of the equipment that is used in the field can run more than $3 million. 

SOS says they had to undergo a learning curve when they first implemented the asset tracking system.  Two things were noticeable right away: first, that the ASAP Passport software was flexible to their needs and second, ASAP Systems' support was extremely helpful with getting them started on the right path. Read Full Servpro Industries case study


Segs4Vets is in the business of changing lives—those of veterans who have suffered serious injury and permanent disability while serving their country in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The nonprofit, which is primarily run by volunteers, gives Segway electric transportation units to veterans who have suffered sustained injuries during their tour and are now permanently disabled.  For the recipients, getting a Segway is life–changing because they're getting the gift of mobility, which ultimately means personal independence. Read full Segs4Vets case study

PICA Manufacturing Solutions

PICA Manufacturing Solutions is a global company with offices in the U.S., Canada and Asia that specializes in the design, manufacturing and assembly of printed circuit boards. The company needed an automated inventory management system that integrated with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and enabled employees and management to easily track hundreds of parts in real time as they moved from vendors through manufacturing, production and assembly in PICA's multiple locations. Read full PICA case study

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