Advanced Feature: Data Import

Import your asset and inventory data quickly and easily.

It's easier than ever to import your asset and inventory data from an Excel, CSV or text file.

Easy Importing

Importing your asset and inventory is as easy as 1–2–3


Select where you want the data to go

Select the destination data file to which you will import

Find the data you want to import and match-up fields

Navigate to the source CSV or Excel file
Map the data fields of interest
Validate the data: Once validated, the data will populate the corresponding
mapped fields onscreen

Perform the import

Save this particular import setup with a unique name for future imports

Excel data import Video

Learn how the newly advanced data import tool will provide you with the ability to import a stock item's lead time on when to reorder, import stock inventory with imported data, and specify a specific site using the multi-site module via the excel data import feature.

Import Stock Data

Use excel to import data of stock inventory items and map appropriate data fields of interest such as inventory type, location, and quantity of each stock item.

Import Asset Data

Import data of assets into Passport using Excel by mapping data fields of interest like asset numbers, model numbers, locations, categories, and custodians (person).

Excel Data import

Any data you want to input into Passport, you can do so quickly and easily using an excel spreadsheet.
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