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Inventory and Asset Control for Business Enterprise

ASAP Passport for business enterprise provides two main benefits for the enterprise organization over and above all of the flexibility and power of ASAP Passport for business:

Multi-Site Capability

You can think of a site as an individual database or an individual view of data. Users are assigned to one or more sites. A user can only see data related to that site. Here are some examples of how this applies to you:

  • If IT is tracking assets and you don't want them mixed in with warehouse inventory, then you need two sites, one for accounting and one for the warehouse.
  • If you have multiple warehouses and want each one treated individually, meaning any one warehouse does not see the global view of inventory, then you need the multi-site capability.
  • If there are multiple sites within your company, users can be assigned to more than one site, allowing them a global view.

Advanced Security

ASAP Passport for business enterprise allows for security groups. Users are assigned to one or more groups. A user is restricted to the security features of the group(s) to which they are assigned. Here are a couple of examples of how this applies to you:

  • Accounting should have the ability to see all costs and prices, whereas the warehouse staff who are performing the day-to-day inventory transactions have no need to see costs and prices.
  • Reports generated for accounting should contain different data than those generated by warehouse personnel.  An accounting inventory report could show inventory valuation based on costs, whereas the warehouse user would run an inventory report but they would not need access to the cost data.

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