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Evidence Tracking for Law Enforcement

The ASAP Passport solution for law enforcement allows for customized property and evidence tracking entries, barcoding of evidence and property, Move, chain-of-custody tracking, physical inventory tracking and tracking of disposed inventory or assets.

Fully customizable solution to track evidence and property from submission through disposal.  Call us to find out how a solution can be custom designed to fit your unique budget, technical and user requirements.  Download a basic version of the application and don't forget to check out our Return On Investment (ROI) whitepaper. 

Feature Customization

ASAP Passport for evidence tracking is a customizable tracking system that includes:

  • Detailed evidence information
  • Documented evidence with check in and check out capability
  • Chain-of-custody reporting
  • Evidence disposal, scheduling and reporting
  • Evidence photo files
  • Evidence list by officer
  • Evidence list by evidence type
  • Evidence list by defendant
  • Evidence list by case number

Quick Data Entry

ASAP Passport for evidence tracking allows for quick and easy data entry with scanning and drop-down lists for:

  • Evidence label
  • ID badge
  • Location barcode
  • Case number
  • Incident types
  • Defendant file
  • Evidence type


ASAP Passport replaces manual sign-out log sheets with an automated two–scan procedure, offering the following benefits:

  • All evidence movement is date and time stamped
  • A history file that can be audited is easily viewed
  • Evidence is tracked by location
  • Standard reports for items that are checked out
  • Overdue notices
  • Easy-to-use, menu driven software
  • No configuring or programming is required
  • Use cabled and wireless scanners
  • Customize to your specifications

Complete Solution

Choose from a variety of standard, off-the-shelf hardware, printers, pre-printed barcode labels and other accessories to complete your solution.

Complete solution support is provided through ASAP Systems.

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