Inventory Management System Overview

The complete inventory system —configurable and easy to use.


What is an Inventory Management System?

An inventory management system combines the use of desktop software, barcode scanners, barcode printers, and mobile devices to streamline the management of inventory (e.g. goods, consumables, supplies, stock, etc.).

Whether you are tracking inventory used to perform a service or sold to customers, using a digital inventory system provides staff accountability and reduces inventory shrinkage.

inventory management system overview

How Inventory Control Works

At its core, inventory control works by tracking two main functions of your stock room or warehouse — receiving (incoming) and shipping (outgoing). The goal of inventory control is to accurately know current inventory levels and automatically minimize understock and overstock situations. By efficiently tracking quantities across stocking locations you’ll have insight and be able to make smarter inventory decisions

Common Inventory

  • Warehouses
  • Stockrooms and supply rooms
  • Distribution
  • Offices and classrooms
  • Facilities management
  • Light manufacturing
  • Work-In-Progress

Popular System

  • Create purchase orders
  • Receive, put away, relocate, adjust, and dispose inventory
  • Create sales orders
  • Pick
  • Pack and Ship
  • Physical inventory counts and cycle counts
  • Create, run, schedule, and share reports
  • Print barcode labels

Why Use ASAP Systems Passport

Improve Your
Bottom Line

You'll spend less time on inventory control, and reduce understock and overstock.


Eliminate data entry errors by using mobile barcode scanners to scan stock item barcodes.

Improve Company Workflow

Share inventory data with colleagues and standardize inventory control tasks.

inventory management with barcodes

Barcode Based Inventory Control

Barcode label printing is built in!

Print your own barcode labels and place them on the inventory and/or the shelves where the items are stocked. Alternatively, you can print barcode catalogs. Passport makes manually cataloging items a thing of the past.

Smart Data Grids

Rename fields and rearrange columns to fit your needs!

All columns are click sortable and can be filtered making it a breeze to see your data in an informative way. Click individual line items and apply batch processing to them, such as doing a bulk move.

inventory system with smart data fields
inventory management reports

The Most Configurable Inventory Reports

Report on the data that matters to you!

Passport provides a comprehensive reporting tool with no limit on the number of reports you can generate. The report wizard steps you through adding a new report, with the data fields you want to see, in less than two minutes. Simply print, export, and email reports. There is no better way to get a handle on business operations.

Does Everyone Do Inventory Control the Same Way?

The answer is no, each inventory management system can be different!

Passport is configurable which means it is perfect for a broad range of inventory situations and allows you to create an inventory system that is right for you. Here are a few examples:

  • Your stockroom and warehouse may not be generating purchase orders. This means that upon receiving inventory there is no need to see the purchase order field onscreen. Thus, it should be removed or hidden. Passport allows for this.
  • Organizations may have a combination of systems in place to handle ordering. Sometimes receiving is done against a formal purchase order, and other times there’s no purchase order. In other words, the inventory system should include a purchase order data field, however, it doesn’t need to be a required field. Passport allows for this.
  • R&D facilities often don't require formal cost tracking with regard to their inventory management. Having a software interface that allows them to or hide the data fields related to cost helps the overall usability of the system. Passport allows for this.

Uniquely Built To Scale

Passport can be big or small, and best of all, you pay only for what you need. The decision is up to you! Technically, we call that scalability and here's how that usually plays out:

Small-Scale — It’s ok to be small and simple. We have an extensive customer base using small and simple inventory systems.

Expecting Growth — You might want to add features, functionality, users, or change your installation from a standalone PC to a network. No problem.

Mid-Sized — Most often this solution involves multiple users in a network environment. The key is to remove many of the complex and costly functions of enterprise level software that tend to overlook the basics of inventory control.

Large-Scale — You want access to all the bells and whistles, and probably need a sizable number of users and barcode scanners. Even so, you are still looking for a simplified version of the all encompassing enterprise software or ERP.

We're here to help, contact us today to see how we can solve your problems!

Why ASAP Systems' Passport?


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