Inventory Management System and Inventory Control Overview

The complete inventory management system— configurable and easy to use.


What is an Inventory Management System?

An inventory management system combines the use of inventory control software, barcode scanners, barcode printers, and smart devices. It provides product and service-oriented companies with the tools they need to easily and efficiently track inventory or stock. This marriage of hardware and software helps companies perform inventory control throughout the entire inventory lifecycle, from receiving to shipping or disposal. A comprehensive inventory system is capable of tracking all inventory types by quantity, cost, and location.

inventory management system overview

Be Cost-Effective

Reduce inventory control costs and eliminate overstocks or stock shortages.

Be Accurate

Easily scan and identify stock inventory utilizing barcode and mobile technology.

Improve Workflow

Instantly share inventory data with colleagues and automate inventory control tasks.

Why This Inventory Management System?

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Inventory Control

Inventory control is made considerably easier through the use of an inventory management system. At its core, inventory control consists of making sure your organization always has just the right amount of stock inventory. Not having enough stock inventory leads to missed sales opportunities or operational delays, and too much stock inventory leads to poor inventory turnover and increased storage costs. The responsibility includes managing quantities, storage locations, and the timing of reorders, all of which require hours of manual effort. However, Passport enables you to automate many of these inventory control tasks. The software lets you be more productive while reducing overhead costs and back office tasks.

Where you can use it

  • Warehouse
  • Stock and supply rooms
  • Distribution
  • Offices and classrooms
  • Facilities management
  • Packaging
  • Work-in-Progress

What you can do

  • Create purchase/sales orders
  • Receive, put away, adjust, and dispose inventory
  • Pick, pack, and ship
  • Improve cycle counts
  • Create, run, schedule, and share reports
  • Print barcode labels
  • Print and edit barcode labels
  • Use smartphones and tablets to scan barcodes

inventory control with barcodes

Barcode-based Inventory Control

Create and print barcode labels

Tag each inventory item or asset, including laptops, equipment, parts, etc., with personalized barcode labels. You can generate a unique barcode, choose what goes on the barcode label, and print, all in one place. By properly identifying inventory, inventory managers can make the best use of their resources and improve efficiency.

Smart Inventory Data Grids

Edit all user-interface columns and fields

Simply rename data fields in the system configuration settings so that the terminology makes complete sense to your team. You can also easily perform batch actions, sort data, and drag and drop columns/categories in the data grid view.

inventory system with smart data fields
inventory control software reports

The Most Configurable Inventory Reports

Report on the data that matters to you

Passport provides a comprehensive reporting feature with no limit to the number of reports you can generate such as stock issue history, stock purchase order, suggested reorder, and physical inventory history. Otherwise, you can configure your reports with the user friendly editing tool and schedule the automated report run recurrence.

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