Inventory Management

Inventory Management System Overview

This inventory management system, Passport, helps you improve and automate inventory control using barcode scanners, smartphones, and tablets. Save valuable time and money by accurately tracking your stock inventory with the most configurable and easy-to-use inventory management solution.

inventory management system overview

Be efficient: Using barcode technology, quickly scan and enter your stock.
Be accurate: Minimize the risk of employees mistyping data or entering incorrect information.
Improve workflow: Share reports, stock level status, and updates with employees, managers and vendors anytime, anywhere.

Where to Use It

What You Can Do

  • Warehouses

  • Stock and supply rooms

  • Distribution areas

  • Manufacturing

  • Facilities management

  • Packaging plants

  • Work sites in progress

  • Create purchase orders

  • Receive, put away, adjust and pick inventory

  • Create sales orders

  • Make cycle counts more efficient

  • Create and share full reports

  • Print barcode labels

  • Integrate mobile system

  • Use concurrently with employees

Inventory Control System

A complete barcode-based, control system for your server or desktop PC.

Inventory management with the Passport Desktop System is adaptable and works seamlessly with barcode scanners, mobile computers, and other wireless devices. Users have complete control over stock by adding any needed advanced features like QuickBooks integration and email or text alerts, as well as custom data field naming and a personalized dashboard. Passport also includes features for barcode labels, generating and sharing configurable reports, and data import. Learn more. 

Barcode Inventory System

Automate and control your complete stock lifecycle by utilizing Passport for purchase orders, receives, put away, adjustments, picking, sales orders, and advanced features.

Our inventory management system provides unmatched tracking, management, and user-control whether you are tracking stock, medical supplies, product recalls, office supplies, batches, or works-in-progress.

Using barcode technology in combination with our stock tracking application gives you complete control over purchase orders, receivables, adjustments, storage, picking, sales orders, stock cycle counts, and reporting for audits and reconciliation.

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