Location Min–Max

With Location Min–Max, you can use and track the same stock number at multiple locations or sites, such as a warehouses, stockrooms, storage facilities, closets or bins.

Users recieve the ability to set triggers for stock inventory minimum and maximum levels at specific warehouse or stockroom locations. When a set quantity trigger is reached, users can have a personalized notification sent via email or sms text to selected individuals. This advanced notification feature enables your team to make quick decisions, even when off-site, in order to immediately replenish stockroom levels or warehouse shelves with stock transfers or placing purchase orders for specific item at specific locations.

Location Min-Max

Have control over your stock inventory levels across all locations with min-max alerts.

Location Min-Max offers the following features:

  • User configurable minimum and maximum notification alerts

  • SMS Text And Email Alerts

  • Min-Max Information Viewable Via The Dashboard And Reports

  • Intuitive reordering of stock inventory that contain multiple items (ex: box containing 12 pens)

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