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ASAP Systems Announces the Expansion and Breakthrough in the Healthcare Industry with a Powerful Inventory System, Passport, to Track Medical Inventory and Assets

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) February 04, 2014
A high volume of organizations within the healthcare industry relies on ASAP Systems’ inventory and asset tracking system, Passport, to quickly and easily track inventory to save time and money and improve stock management performance. Healthcare organizations such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical enterprises and clinics gain immediate efficiency using Passport for top-notch inventory control of medical equipment, consumable medical supplies, and material and document management coordination.
With Passport, managing healthcare supplies becomes an automated process to save time, reduce shrinkage and allocate resources in the most proficient way. Medication and supplies are easily and accurately tracked in Passport using batch-lot numbers with expiration dates; thus, improving performance in batch-lot inventory management. In addition, healthcare organizations are able to track other inventories such as standard, serialized and serialized with quantity to reduce unexpected shortages and reduce time to receive and consume inventory.
Healthcare organizations also take …

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ASAP Systems Announces the Launch of the Signature Capture Feature on the Mobile app for its Online Inventory and Asset Tracking System BarCloud

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) January 21, 2014
ASAP Systems today announces the release of its new feature, Signature Capture, on the BarCloud mobile app for its online inventory and asset barcode solution, BarCloud. This new element to the BarCloud mobile app adds an additional layer of verification on inventory transactions that take place from receiving and moving stock items to checking in/out and disposing assets. Signature capture improves auditing performance and efficiency.
Signature Capture collects and saves the signature of the person receiving and disposing inventory and assets. This feature can be used to approve tasks for all types of inventories such as batch-lot with expiration dates, serialized, and serialized with quantity.
In addition, users have the ability to configure Signature Capture settings within BarCloud web to determine whether a signature is enabled or required when completing transactions on mobile devices.
“Along with other exciting new features to BarCloud, Signature Capture …

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ASAP Systems Helps Servpro of St. George Track Assets and Inventory Moving In and Out of the Company’s Location With Its Inventory and Asset Tracking System Passport.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) January 07, 2014
Servpro of St. George restoration service in St. George, Utah, one of 1,600 Servpro franchise locations, specializes in the cleanup and restoration for residential and commercial structures damaged by fire and water.
The commercial and residential disaster recovery industry requires the use of expensive, specialized equipment stored in warehouses between jobs. It was a challenge to manually track this equipment and to track consumable inventory used at different jobsites. Much of the inventory included items from chemicals, rubber gloves, and personal protective equipment suits to expensive assets like air movers, dehumidifiers, and steamers. Servpro was experiencing productivity losses due to manual information entry, human error, and the lack of report sharing.
“We were losing equipment when we went from jobsite to jobsite,” said Shane Darger, Mitigation Estimator and Project Manager. “In fact, we found equipment at a jobsite that we hadn’t been to for over a …

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ASAP Systems Announces a Product Update Including Added Configurations for Check-In Feature and Ability to Add Fields on the BarCloud Mobile App for Inventory and Assets

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) December 17, 2013
ASAP Systems, a market leader in inventory management and asset tracking systems, today announced that its online application, BarCloud, released a new update that expands the functionality on the BarCloud mobile app.
With a few clicks of a button on the BarCloud mobile app for smartphones and tablets, companies can easily create and add new model numbers, locations, persons, and vendors instead of logging into the BarCloud web application to do this functionality. In other words, you do not need to keep signing back into the BarCloud web app to do this, this function can be easily and quickly be done on the mobile.
ASAP Systems also releases the ability to set asset check out and in configurations to automatically select where an asset is checked back into such as home location, location checked out from, or user selected location. Thus, saving time by having the …

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ASAP Systems Makes Auditing More Accurate and Efficient for Hickam Air Force Base’s Supplies Using ASAP Systems Inventory and Asset Tracking System Passport.

San Jose, CA (December 3, 2013)—Hickam Air Force Base, a powerful presence of national security for the United States with over 2,850 acres and valued at more than $444 million, has dramatically improved their inventory operation by successfully tracking hundreds of supplies and assets using ASAP Systems’ Passport solution.
Prior to using Passport, Captain John Fowler, IT Consultant and Coordinator of the Critical Care Air Transport Team at Hickam Air Force Base, was utilizing an inefficient manual system which ignited many standalone problems, one of which was limited visibility on when to reorder inventory.
Hundreds of supplies and assets valued at millions of dollars needed to be tracked, all of which had to be at one hundred percent operational readiness as needed. As important missions approached ever closer, and without a way to track over six hundred thousand dollars’ worth of supplies, there was a need for a solution to accurately track and make sure …

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ASAP Systems Announces Its Online Inventory and Asset Tracking System, BarCloud, is Now One of the First Inventory Tracking Solutions to Integrate with QuickBooks Online

San Jose, CA (November 19, 2013)—ASAP Systems, a market leader in inventory management and asset tracking systems, today announced that its online application, ASAP BarCloud, is now one of the first inventory and asset tracking applications to integrate with QuickBooks Online. With a click of a button, customers can instantly synchronize their advanced inventory data with the online accounting application, giving companies a barcode-based extension of QuickBooks Online and automating the repetitive tasks of inventory management.
Using QuickBooks Online with ASAP Systems’s online inventory and asset tracking system BarCloud, businesses are able to reduce data entry errors and labor costs associated with manually tracking inventory. The integrated solution can be accessed from any web browser on any device including PCs, Macs, smartphones, iPads or tablet PCs using theBarCloud mobile app. ASAP Systems insures a fast and simple data integration by importing and exporting data between QuickBooks Online and ASAP BarCloud. Additionally, ASAP BarCloud allows …

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ASAP Systems Makes Its Mark in the Education Industry by Helping Schools Track High-Valued Assets and Inventory to Save Time, Money, and Cut Down on Lost Equipment

San Jose, CA (November 05, 2013)—Recently, a high volume of academic entities within the education industry quickly implemented the ASAP Passport inventory and asset tracking system to easily manage and control school resources. With ASAP Passport, any education-related inventory or capital asset can be tagged with a barcode, categorized and tracked — from a box of pencils to technological equipment used on a day-to-day basis. Schools that are using ASAP Passport are saving time and money as well as decreasing the amount of equipment that is misplaced or lost.
ASAP Passport for education helps track and manage fixed assets such as equipment, tools and audio visual equipment by utilizing asset tracking features like maintenance schedules and checking in and out items. High-value assets such as audio video equipment, laptop computers, tools and maintenance equipment can also be tracked by person and location with immediate access. Thus, task redundancy is eliminated, inactive …

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ASAP Systems Introduces Its New Data Import Tool Allowing Google Drive, MS SkyDrive, Box, and Dropbox Data to be Imported Into Its Online Inventory System BarCloud

San Jose, CA (October 15, 2013)—ASAP Systems introduces a new and improved data import tool for its online inventory management and asset tracking system, BarCloud. The new data import tool makes it possible to import data into BarCloud using different sources such as Google Drive, MS SkyDrive, Box, and Dropbox. This provides BarCloud users the ability to import any data into BarCloud from multiple online sources anytime, anywhere rather than being limited to MS Excel.
Users follow a four step wizard to intuitively select their source data, confirm the data fields to be imported, and the tool validates the data before import as well.
In addition, BarCloud users are able to conduct asset maintenance transactions on the BarCloud mobile app. With the asset maintenance transaction now on the BarCloud mobile app, users also have the ability to take a picture of the asset when performing a maintenance transaction.
“The new data …

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ASAP Systems Releases its Government-Focused Inventory and Asset Tracking System to Accurately Track Assets and Consumable Inventory

San Jose, CA ( October 01, 2013)—ASAP Systems, helps the government-focused industry by providing a powerful, configurable, and easy-to-use inventory and asset tracking system for improving overall inventory control with immediate access to assets. Passport is scaled to fit all levels of the government from the federal government, to state and local departments. ASAP Passport provides solutions in many areas including transportation departments, waste and recycling departments, public works, building departments, facilities management sectors, and recreational parks. ASAP Systems adds value to every form of government by scaling the system to fit current and future needs and provide efficient control over all inventory life cycles.
At the federal, state, and local level, Passport optimizes stock inventory control to reduce shrinkage and better monitor when items need to be reordered and restocked. All government related inventory items tracked include office supplies, vehicle parts, and medication. The powerful Passport inventory and asset tracking system allows government users to view …

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ASAP Systems Releases a New Product Update That Includes an Upgraded User Interface on the Mobile App for BarCloud and Mapping Feature on BarCloud Web App

San Jose, CA (September 16, 2013)—ASAP Systems, a market leader in barcode based inventory and asset tracking systems, today introduces a new product update that includes an updated user interface for its mobile app BarCloud and a mapping feature for its online inventory and asset tracking system BarCloud.
ASAP Systems releases an upgraded user interface for its mobile app BarCloud which provides a modernized look and feel with easier navigation utilizing horizontal and vertical ranges of motion. Individuals within an organization who buys both stock and assets option may now choose to utilize the app interface for only assets, stock, or access both on the same interface screen.
In addition, ASAP Systems introduces a mapping feature for its online inventory and asset tracking system BarCloud. Multiple assets can now be tracked by location on a map. Thus, providing the ability to view where assets are located on geographical map.
“The updated interface on …

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