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Why ASAP Passport for Asset Management

Added Benefits
Other asset tracking software you might be evaluating
Unlimited Items.
That's right, Passport runs on a full-fledged non-proprietary database so you won't be caught short.
50+ data fields.
Flexibility is built-in allowing you to keep things simple or if needed you have more than enough data at your fingertips.

+ Pictures! You'll want to attach one or more pictures to each item. Insurance carriers require it these days.
True mobility.
Wi-Fi or 3G sync your handheld mobile scanner from wherever you are. Allows you to easily and quickly add new items, update locations, and perform physical inventory.
Report Wizard.
Add as many reports as you'd like, choosing the data fields that you want to see, easily group the data and have subtotals and report totals.
Easy upgrades.
Passport software updates are downloaded via the internet and your system is updated on your terms.
Pay per item.
It sounds cost effective, but those fees never go away and then you're stuck deciding to limit the use of the system to save money, not a good situation.
Limited data.
And limited control too. Trying to fit your round pegs into their square holes is an exercise in futility.
Hard to use scanners.
Grab your clipboard, the mobile component of their system is an add-on, an afterthought... you'd be better off with pen and paper on that clipboard.
Canned reports.
Good luck presenting your data to management with the limited reporting capabilities of built-in reports.
Difficult upgrades.
Grab your stamps and head to the post office. Annual upgrades require that you send in your database for an overhaul!

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