Equipment Check Out/Check In

The check-out/check-in feature for asset management works much like a library system. Companies can reserve and assign return dates to assets they are loaning out such as computers, AV equipment, tools, and more. If you have a large number of assets that are in constant circulation, and you need to checkout or reserve some of them, this solution provides the functionality you need. The systematic approach helps you reduce time spent searching for equipment, lets you know who currently has an item, and when the item is expected to be returned.

After each asset is uniquely tagged with a barcode label, you can begin tracking equipment check outs and check ins. The feature utilizes mobile or cabled barcode scanners in combination with the asset tracking software, which allows you to easily process and collect data on each transaction. Managing equipment in this manner is highly effective for organizations that often loan assets to individuals or clients, such as schools, construction companies, healthcare organizations, Fire/EMS, and others.

You also have the ability to create customizable reports to make sense of this data. The reports can show the history of equipment usage at each location, or by each person, and help identify usage trends. In a similar fashion, you can find out which assets and equipment are being used the most. Ultimately, taking advantage of all the tools the check out/in feature has to offer will help reduce equipment loss and speed up your operations.

Equipment Checkout Video

Watch a live demonstration of how easy it is to check out, reserve and manage loaned assets within Passport. This core functionality helps coordinate equipment usage and rentals by multiple people at multiple locations.

Equipment Reservations

Within the asset check out feature you can set up individual asset reservations. This helps you control internal and external requests for equipment, and instantly know which resources are available without wasting time.

Mobile App for Equipment Checkout

Use the Passport mobile app on a smart device or mobile barcode scanner to check out and check in assets on the go. You can also assign due dates and transactions notes so that each asset can be properly managed.

Asset Checkout Reports

Find out when equipment was checked out, its current location, and who has it by configuring your own asset management reports. In addition, the reports can be printed and shared so others may reference the information.

Maintain Accountability Over Assets

Keep a track record of who is checking out asset inventory or equipment, including students, patients, or staff.

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