QuickBooks Integration

Do away with repetitive inventory management tasks

ASAP Passport fully integrates with QuickBooks, giving you barcode capabilities to extend the usability of QuickBooks. Stockroom and warehouse tasks using hand-held mobile barcode scanners means that you can do away with your repetitive QuickBooks accounting tasks such as generating bills, item receipts, inventory adjustments and invoices — with ASAP Systems’ software, these tasks are done for you automatically.

ASAP Passport integrates with:  

  • QuickBooks 2007+
  • QuickBooks Pro
  • QuickBooks Premier
  • QuickBooks Enterprise

Quickly sync data with just one click

With just a click of a button, all vendor­ and customer related transactions are quickly exchanged between QuickBooks and ASAP Passport through bi­–directional information transfer. 

A match made for accounting 

QuickBooks business accounting software is the #1 rated small business software. In fact, almost 90 percent of small and medium-sized businesses use QuickBooks for their accounting purposes.

ASAP Passport is a barcode­­-based extension of QuickBooks that fully integrates with your inventory management for accounting purposes. It extends the features of QuickBooks software, giving users the ability to synchronize and authenticate items, vendors, purchase orders, customers and sales orders.

Additionally, ASAP Passport allows tracking of items by location, which is a key inventory requirement not supported in QuickBooks alone. Your warehouse personnel and employees perform standard inventory tasks while ASAP Passort handles the flow of that information into QuickBooks. With ASAP Passport and QuickBooks together, users are able to integrate inventory and customer data, aiding your organization with inventory, customer and order management.


  • Automatically synchronize inventory items, non­–inventory items, inventory assemblies, inventory levels, purchase orders (PO), sales orders (SO), pricing, vendors and customers
  • Automatically generate a bill or item receipt in QuickBooks when a purchase order is received
  • Receive to a default location or to a barcode scanned location
  • Update purchase order data for received items in ASAP Passport and automatically apply these updates to QuickBooks in the next sync session
  • Automatically close purchase orders and sync with QuickBooks when all items in the purchase order are received — and generate a receipt or a bill inside QuickBooks  
  • Import vendors and customers
  • Sync inventory levels between ASAP Passport and QuickBooks.
  • Automatically generate an invoice in Quickbooks when a sales order is issued in ASAP Passport
  • Update sales order data in ASAP Passport for “issued” items and automatically apply these updates to QuickBooks in the next sync session
  • Automatically close sales orders in ASAP Passport and sync with QuickBooks when all items in the sales order are issued — and generate a receipt or invoice inside QuickBooks
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