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Why Choose Passport for Inventory Management

Our System Advantages
Other Inventory Software 

Unmatched Administrator Control

Admins within Passport have access to more than 50 different control features, making it easy to configure this inventory management application for your organization's unique needs. View example
User-Defined Data Fields
Flexibility is built-in. Within Passport there are options to configure the main menu and over a thousand data fields. Users have the unparalleled ability to add, hide, and rename them so that the system fits specific tracking needs. View example
Configurable Barcode Labels
We make sure your barcode labels look exactly how you need it to. For instance, If you are in the construction industry, you can add your company logo, color scheme, and font onto the the most durable barcode labels in the market. View example
Smartphone / Mobile App Capabilities
The Passport mobile app is specifically designed to work on your mobile devices. Experience the power of Passport in the palm of your hand.
Report Wizard
Generate as many stock inventory reports as you'd like in order to fulfill job functions. Users can filter and sort through the data fields to include in a report before printing, exporting, or emailing it directly from the system.
Powerful and Easy to Use
We've put 30+ years into an amazingly powerful and modular solution that adapts to your business needs— from basic to complex inventory operations, and everything in between.
Configurable Alerts
You have the ability to customize more than 100 alert notifications within the system to send via email and SMS text. A couple examples are if you want to be notified when a stock inventory level drops too low or if a perishable item is about to expire.
Easy Upgrades
Passport inventory system updates are downloaded online so that your system is updated on your terms.
Tracks Any Unit of Measure (U/M)
Track stock inventory how you want: by boxes, cases, drums, vials, each, gallons, pounds, liters, volume, etc. Passport also provides unit of measure conversions and multipliers. For example, receive a case containing apples and the system can show 24 apples per case in inventory.
Consistently Adding Modules
Focused research and development produces at least 4 new modules a year that users can have access to at any time. You only pay for the modules you currently need.

Minimal Administrator Control

The amount of Administrator control for most other software applications is considered minimal, at best. Be sure to ask the vendor what features an admin can control within their software.
Expensive to Customize
With other inventory software, you will likely have to pay extra money for customizing (adding, hiding or renaming) data fields. This can run into the thousands of dollars.
Non-Editable Barcode Labels
With other inventory systems, you're stuck with the out-of-the-box, plain old barcode labels.
Browser-based Capabilities
The mobile browser is dead, long live the app. Be aware, some other inventory systems can only be accessed through mobile browsers which can't perform all the functions of a real mobile app.
Built-in Reports
Good luck trying to get your message across to management with the limited reporting capabilities of built-in reports.
Complicated, Static, Inconvenient
Ouch, try to figure out how to do what you need to accomplish with their overly complex and starched software.
Packaged Impersonal Alerts
Other inventory systems provide ready-made alerts with irrelevant notifications that do you no good.
Difficult Upgrades
Fixed, periodic upgrades require that you send in your database for a time consuming overhaul.
Limited Units of Measure (U/M)
Hopefully you are only tracking boxes by each because that's how limited other inventory software can be. They restrict how you can track your inventory items to what their software can handle.
What You See is What You Get
That's it. Other inventory software packages have features that you are stuck with. You pay for them whether you need them or not.

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