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Why ASAP Passport for Inventory Management

ASAP Passport Benefits
Other Inventory Software 

More control for Administrators

Administrators of ASAP Passport have access to more than 30 different control features for the software, making it easy to customize this inventory management application for your organization's needs.
Custom Data Fields Built In
With ASAP Passport, users can easily add, hide and rename data fields. This is unique to our inventory management software, giving users the ability to mold ASAP Passport to their needs.
Tracks Any Unit of Measure (U/M)
Track how you want. Box, Case, Drum, Each, Gal, LB, Roll, Sack, Tote, Tray, Vial, etc.

+ U/M multipliers! Receive a Case and it can show in inventory as 24 each.
Editable Barcode Labels
Go ahead, be daring... change the font size, move the barcode, add the U/M, include your logo, have fun!
Report Wizard
Add as many reports as you'd like, choosing the data fields that you want to see, easily group the data and have subtotals and report totals.
Easy Upgrades
Passport software updates are downloaded via the internet and your system is updated on your terms.
Powerful and Easy to Use
We've put 20+ years of custom software into an amazingly powerful solution that you use how you want - from basic and simple up to complex inventory situations.

Less control for Administrators

The Administrator control for most other software is non-existent. Be sure to ask your vendor what features an admin can control with their software. 
Expensive to Customize
With other inventory software, you will likely have to pay extra money for customizing (adding, hiding or renaming) data fields. This can run into the thousands. 
Track Only One Unit of Measure (U/M)
I hope you're tracking cardboard boxes! That's about the only thing that gets tracked by the Each these days.
Non-Editable Barcode Labels
You probably like oatmeal, hey it's good  for you right? Just like the plain old barcode labels you get from their inventory system.
Canned Reports
Good luck trying to get your message across to management with the limited reporting capabilities of built-in reports.
Difficult Upgrades
Grab your stamps and head to the post office. Annual upgrades require that you send in your database for an overhaul!
Complicated Rocket Science
Ouch, try to figure out how to do what you need to accomplish with their formatted and starched software.

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