ASAP Passport

Passport is a best-in-class, powerful, easy to use software solution that is enabled by barcode and RFID technology. Users are empowered to configure the system for specific requirements such as data field names and onscreen dashboard information, and includes wizards for barcode labels, reports and data importing.

Why ASAP Passport

Why should you choose ASAP Passport for inventory management and asset tracking? 

  • Host on your PC or server
  • Use with mobile barcode scanners
  • Share data across multiple locations and users
  • Barcode and RFID technology
  • Secure your data in a closed environment 

Core Licensing for ASAP Passport

ASAP Passport for managing inventory

ASAP Passport for managing inventory offers automated inventory control for your stock room, warehouse or distribution center by tracking inventory as it is received, moved and issued. More.

ASAP Passport for tracking assets

ASAP Passport for assets provides automated tracking and reporting on capital assets, equipment, furniture and other items that must be physically inventoried on a regular basis. More.

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