RFID Tags and Labels

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is one of the hottest technologies for asset tracking and inventory management because of the convenience it provides users. The most notable advantage of these systems is the ability to scan items from afar and without a direct line of sight. These RFID readers also support gathering data for multiple items at once.

Before implementing RFID technologies in your business, there are a few potential challenges you should consider:

  • Signal interference: Liquid can absorb radio signals while metal is shown to reflect signals
  • Overcoming density: Dense materials such as plastic can cause significant signal degradation
  • Signal surveys: Before implementation, companies need to have a survey conducted to ensure there isn’t too much radio frequency interference across the building

The best way to determine if RFID technology is right for your business is to consider the following questions:

  • How far will you be when taking inventory or tracking assets?
  • Do you need to print RFID labels or are your assets already tagged?
  • What environments will the assets or inventory be used in (rain, snow, extreme heat, etc.)?
  • Does the packaging or exterior of the item contain metal?

Although ASAP Systems’ Passport is compatible with a variety of handheld RFID solutions, we also offer barcode based solutions should RFID not be a fit for your business. Barcodes can be combined with radio frequency technologies to ensure you’re always able to track assets and manage inventory regardless of location.

Below is an overview of the radio frequency technologies sold by ASAP Systems:

Radio Frequency Identification Labels

Standard RFID Labels

A simple way to track assets without a metallic surface. These labels attach directly to the equipment.

Hard Plastic (Encapsulated) RFID Labels

Designed for harsh environments, these RFID labels are encased in impact resistant plastic. These are designed to be read regardless of surface material.

Universal RFID Labels

These are a versatile solution which can be used on a variety of products regardless of material.

Metal Mount RFID Tags

Specifically engineered for metal surfaces, these labels are ideal for tracking IT assets and other crucial equipment.

Handheld Radio Frequency Identification Scanners

Motorola MC3090-Z Scanner

  • Withstands 4 ft./1.2 m drop to concrete across the operating temperature range

  • Meets and exceeds MIL-STD 810F

  • Windows Mobile 6.1

  • RFID reader; 1D laser scanner

  • Supports Motorola approved printers

Full product specifications

RFID Printers

Zebra ZD500 Printer

  • RFID: Supports tags compatible with UHF EPC Gen 2 V1.2/ ISO 18000-6C

  • Print methods: Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal

  • Programming Language: ZPL

  • Construction: Dual-wall frame

Full product specifications

Regardless of if you need handheld radio frequency identification technologies or barcode scanners, ASAP Systems has the solutions you need to cut costs and increase productivity.

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