Advanced Feature: Security Groups

ASAP Passport administrators have the ability to create security groups that set up functional roles and capabilities within the system.  Users are assigned to one or more of these groups, allowing the administrator to have full control by granting users only the access that they need. 

Advanced Security

Unlimited control by defining security levels for security groups and users with Passport’s hierarchical structure.

For example, the ability to view specific data fields and to edit them can be handled by this function.  Granting access to add-edit-delete records or any variation of this such as add-edit only but not delete is easily handled with a few clicks of the mouse. 

Transactions can also be managed by creating specific security groups.  Perhaps a security group is set up to receive incoming inventory and to perform transfers/moves of inventory but not able to issue/ship inventory.  System administrators can easily define security levels for security groups and users with ASAP Passport's intelligent and hierarchical structure.  In a few simple steps, you can create an inventory and asset tracking ecosystem specific to organizational needs.


  • Role-based security
  • Assign one or more security groups to users
  • Unlimited control and granularity
  • Field-level control such as view-edit data fields
  • Form-level control such as view-add-edit-delete records
  • Transaction-level control
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