Web Reporting

Web Reporting allows access to stock information online via a web browser on any smartphone or computer. This web-based inventory reporting feature only requires access to a PC or smartphone with a web browser and access to the Internet.

Live web reporting tied to our customer trial database (click on a link to view a live web report):

The standard implementation of this online inventory management reporting add-on is with your company's existing internal or external web server. Users will be able to access real-time stock and asset information using any web browser such as Google Chrome, MS Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. 

Advanced options for the web reporting capabilities allows for functionality such as:

  • Additional data fields other than the basic fields shown

  • Login page with username/password for security purposes

  • Filtered inventory/asset information based on user login

  • Filtered customer inventory/asset information based on customer login

  • Hosted web server for online access from anywhere, even your smartphone

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