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Discover how our complete and highly configurable Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution, allow you to increase visibility over locations and quantities of inventory and assets using barcode technology and mobile devices. Learn more about how our best in class Barcode Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution can save you valuable time and money. Businesses and organizations from medium to enterprises can take advantage of our flexible solutions that fit specific needs.

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Our powerful Inventory System supports barcode technology for more accurate and effective data over your available inventory. Ensure that the right amount of stock is accessible at the right time. Gain complete inventory control in warehouses, stockrooms, supply rooms, work trucks, delivery vehicles, and more.

Our robust Asset Tracking System can be beneficial to mid-sized organizations as well as multiple facilities spread across the country. Perform accurate IT asset management, track maintenance, and report on data that matters. Manage all of your assets including IT equipment, furniture, tools, vehicles, documents, and any items needing to be tracked.

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Unmatched Experience and Expertise

Due to 32 years of experience we are proud to provide a top-rated barcode based Inventory System and Asset Tracking solution. We are experts at the core inventory system functionality that is common across industries, from government, education, IT, Warehousing..and many more. Due to our highly configurable barcode Inventory and Asset Tracking capabilities we accomodate all tracking and management needs.

Some of Our Integrations

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Popular Inventory And Asset Tracking Features

Allows the ability to accurately track order fulfillment and assembly process, where separate but related components are combined as a set to make a single SKU or unit.

Enables organizational employees to log into the Shopping Cart and browse available inventory in their own warehouses/stockrooms.

Allows setting optimal Minimum /Maximum inventory levels to improve inventory turnover, reduce stockouts, and make order management easier.

Allows you to decrease equipment loss, write-offs and purchasing costs by instantly logging essential equipment transaction data in one central location.

Assists in better management and tracking of the organization’s fixed asset depreciation ensuring more accurate bookkeeping.

Ensures every Asset item is accounted for, properly maintained, and replaced when needed.

Popular Industries That We Serve

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