Inventory and Asset Management System for Fire Rescue & EMS


Efficiently track fire and rescue assets and medical equipment using barcodes and mobile scanning devices

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Asset Tracking System for Fire Rescue & EMS

Scan, track and manage all of your Fire and EMS equipment in an easy-to-use and efficient asset tracking system, Passport. Perform physical inventory audits, report where assets are and check out-in medical and fire equipment to vehicles and storage facilities.

Asset Tracking Benefits

Asset Tracking Benefits

Learn how Arlington Fire Department transformed their inventory operations.

Top Asset Tracking Features

Asset Tracking Reporting

Inventory Reorder Insights

Improve asset traceability by running reports on items due for service, the location of assets, and missing items.

Optimize Physical Inventory

Fire Station Inventory Reports

Perform physical inventory audits using mobile barcode scanners to ensure that assets are where they need to be. Thereafter, develop a physical inventory report for more insight.

Check Out/Check In

: Configurable Asset Tracking Reports

Scan barcodes on your smartphone or barcode scanner to assign assets to firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and vehicles.

Manage All Your Fire and EMS Assets

Passport improves asset tracking with an automated barcode-based system giving you the versatility to track any and all types of assets.

Fire and EMS Equipment Management

Manage the ins and outs of equipment on a daily basis. Track fire equipment from helmets, jackets, boots and more. Use mobile barcode scanners to check items in-out or assign them to a specific location.

Fire and EMS Equipment Tracking

Vehicle Asset Tracking
Asset Tracking in Vehicles

Easily scan barcodes and assign assets to a specific rig. Passport allows you to confirm that each fire truck or ambulance has defibrillators, backboards, blood pressure cuffs and more.

Document Tracking

Improve organization by barcoding significant documents such as financial records, medical supply reports, or physical inventory documents for auditing purposes.

Document Tracking

Medical Equipment Tracking
Medical Equipment Tracking

Make sure medical assets such as heart monitors, splints, trauma bags, and suction units, are on hand when first responders arrive.

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