Barcode Inventory System for Fire Rescue & EMS

Use this inventory solution to prepare your team for fire emergencies and to avoid several EMS mistakes that could get you in trouble.​

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Top Inventory Features

Medication Tracking

Inventory Reorder Insights

Pull up reports in order to meet FDA guidelines and be ready for inspections. Develop a report with expiration dates, current inventory levels and more.

Fire Station Reports

Fire Station Inventory Reports

Track the inflow and outflow of inventory at each station to monitor change in quantity and cost, as well what is issued to an apparatus.

Inventory Reordering Insights

: Configurable Asset Tracking Reports

Generate auto-replenish reports to quickly determine which inventory items are needed at each clinic, fire station, ambulance, and more.

Manage Different Types of Inventory

Passport improves asset tracking traceability with a fully-automated inventory asset system giving you the versatility to track multiple equipment types. Run reports on past asset movements, figure out what is missing, and where everything is.

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