IT Asset Tracking

Track all the hardware and software technology resources found in your business environment and record its user and service history.

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IT Inventory Management Benefits

Passport is an integrated barcode system that provides a complete view of your IT assets — computers, network hardware, software, devices, accessories, etc. Stay in control of your IT inventory throughout the constant changes and unplanned activities that occur within operations. IT managers will save time and money by reducing the number of wasted resources and unnecessary purchases.

IT asset tracking in your business environment

IT inventory management and maintenance

Improve Availability of Assets

Your operations rely on the availability of technological inventory, so it makes sense to use a tracking system that provides insights to support strategic decision making and planning. Search through a digital library of asset inventory info and identify where each physical asset is currently located, as well as its availability status. Even if your assets are scattered throughout multiple warehouse, client or office locations, your team can effectively coordinate their use and remain productive.

Ensure Compliance and Accountability

Be accountable over your IT, IS, and MIS assets by creating an activity log to track any status changes, moves, repairs or services performed throughout each asset’s lifecycle. The log can be configured and reported on, making it easy to comply with any audits or internal requests for information. In addition, each asset file can include additional user-defined data fields so that details important to your system can be stored.

IT asset compliance

"As a business with a high ceiling for growth, we found ourselves in need of a scalable inventory system to effectively and efficiently track all of our IT assets across multiple locations.”

Cameron Brent, IT Manager at Octo Consulting Group

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