How to schedule a Sync from Active Directory to ASAP Passport

1. Go to Control Panel -> Adminstrative Tools -> Task Scheduler

2. In the Task Scheduler, right click on Task Scheduler Library and choose Create Basic Task.

3. In the Create Basic Task dialog box, give the task a name and a desciption. Hit Next.

4. Choose the Trigger, when do you want the Database to get backed up. Hit Next.

5. Set up the trigger. Hit Next.

6. In the Action dialog, choose Start a Program. Hit Next.

7. In the Start a Progam dialog, click Browse. Navigate to the location of the PassportBackup.exe. Default location "C:\Program Files\ASAP Systems\SyncActiveDirectory.exe" 

In the "Add argument" window, you have to put, the following string "[UsernameOfPassportUser] [servernameOrIP\SQLInstance] [Database]" i.e "admin asapsystems-pc\PassportSQL Passport". So three parameters separated by single spaces.

8. On the summary page, check Open the Properties dialog for this task when I click Finish. Hit Finish

9. On the summary dialog, select theSecurity options of your choice and check Run with highest privileges. Hit OK.

10. Now let's test it, right click on the task and choose Run.

11. You should get the message "The operation completed successfully" in the History Last Run Result column. And you the last sync date in Passport > Admin > Integration Settings "Active Directory" tab should match the date you ran the test.

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