Six Warning Signs that You Should Invest in an Inventory Management System.

six Warning Signs that you should invest in an inventory management system

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Following are six alerting signs that it is time to invest in an Inventory Management System. Every business goes through the challenges of managing inventory. We at ASAP Systems, the leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking solutions, based in San Jose, CA strive to always provide the best-configured solutions for any challenge in any business. Following are some signs that should not be overlooked and which signal the need to consider an Inventory Management System.

six Warning Signs that you should invest in an inventory management system

1) Experiencing the Results of an Inaccurate inventory?

Inaccurate inventory causes problems such as maintaining improper stock levels and accumulating out-of-date inventory. Inaccuracies in your inventory can result for several reasons. As much as we try, no one is perfect. Human errors occur! Typos, unreported product damage or administrative paperwork slip-ups can happen. These mistakes can automatically lead to problems such as picking errors, increased expenses through lost time and lost revenue and eventually low productivity. Implementing an Inventory Management System is a key factor in solving accuracy-related problems.

2) Facing Redundant Processes?

Traditionally, employees have been likely to handle a product several times. This redundancy of handling a product often happened due to a mistake requiring an extra checkpoint. Unfortunately, repeating a process simply adds to labor costs and does not solve the initial problem. An Inventory Management System trains your employees and eliminates these repetitive actions.

3) Experiencing Understocking/Overstocking?

Understocking can result in failure to meet consumer demand. On the other hand, overstocking can result in excessive supplies which exceed consumer demand and have the chance of becoming deadstock. Both scenarios can lead to a loss of potential sales and profits, due to inefficient planning. ASAP Systems provides the solutions for understocking and overstocking. Our Inventory Management System offers real-time, accurate information about stock levels and composition. You can also benefit from our automatic reorder quantity feature. This feature sets a predetermined order quantity and alerts you when inventory falls below that quantity. An Inventory System solves understocking and overstocking problems.

4) Do multiple warehouses create management problems?

Multiple warehouses may add a layer of complexity to your inventory management. An Inventory Management System will enable you to monitor your inventory through multiple warehouses. This ensures that you are maintaining proper stock counts and an efficient supply chain.

5) Do you have problems keeping track of your Inventory location?

Not knowing the location of a product within the warehouse creates several risky management problems. It can lead to the possibility of slowing down processes and increasing costs. If pickers do not know the location of an item, they will take more time to find it, resulting in a slow stocking process and delaying shipment. An Inventory Management System which supports the use of barcode technology can prevent this frustration. Barcode scanners direct pickers to the item location and prompt them with the number of items to be scanned and shipped.

6) Do Inventory errors create Accounting errors?

Accurate inventory leads to accurate accounting. When the numbers of the physical inventory do not match accounting numbers, accuracy becomes a problem. Accounting is an important and necessary part of any business and it is fundamental to have precise inventory details. Implementing an Inventory System will provide essential data to maximize accuracy in accounting.

These signs should not be overlooked as they are a signal showing the need for an Inventory Management System. ASAP Systems provides individualized solutions to all these problems. Investing in an Inventory Management System will benefit your business now and it will grow with you in a long efficient business life.

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