fire department asset tracking solution

With our greatest appreciation to every fire department helping in California wildfires. We thank each firefighter for his/her dedication. – ASAP Systems

In the fast-paced environment of firefighting, accurate data and streamlined operations are critical requirements. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Departments have a wide range of equipment and tools which need to be kept track of and accurately accounted for. This tracking can be a challenge.

The work operations of Fire and EMS units need to be highly organized and efficient. Firefighters and EMS personnel cannot afford to waste valuable time searching for equipment and tools when lives are involved and every passing minute is vital.

ASAP Systems, the leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solutions based in Austin, Texas is always striving to present an all-in-one Solution that can be tailored to fit every industry. Every Fire and EMS department should consider an Asset Tracking Solution!

How Fire and EMS Departments can make use of an Asset Tracking Solution:


Properly Functioning Equipment at All Times

Fire trucks, rescue saws, negative pressure fans, and other necessary equipment are needed for an operation to run smoothly. What if one of these malfunctioned during an operation? A malfunction could lead to major consequences. Why not eliminate this possibility altogether?
Assigning regular maintenance events for all equipment is the best practice to prevent any missed maintenance.

fire department asset tracking solution


Let’s take for example a fire truck. Our Maintenance Feature allows the fire department to set preventive maintenance events. These events could range from fire truck pump to water tank pumper. According to fire department regulations, the fire truck should be maintained daily. However, some routines should be done monthly and some yearly. The Asset Tracking Solution sends out alerts prior to the designated date to remind the maintenance team of those events.


Let’s take another example. Fire extinguishers should be pressure tested constantly. The Fire Department can schedule maintenance events for the fire extinguishers. This scheduled maintenance can also be set up to record pressure readings while maintenance is being performed. The Asset Tracking Solution will send out alerts when the fire extinguishers should be pressure tested. Those alerts can be triggered one month prior to the designated date or simply the scheduled date.

Accurate Asset Records

On missions, it is reasonable that firefighters may lose equipment or simply fail to check out an item. This process can be automated to increase accountability. Our Check-out Check-in feature allows the Fire-EMS department to accurately record when and who took a particular item.

Let’s take an example. John, a firefighter, checked out an electric saw needed for a mission. John simply scans the Barcode on the saw. A record will show that John checked out the saw at this particular time and place creating accountability for this saw.


fire and ems department asset tracking solution

Implementing an Asset Tracking Solution helps the Fire and EMS Department to streamline all procedures. If you are interested in a no-obligation free trial of our Asset Tracking Solution, please click here. We would be more than happy to get you started!

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