How an Inventory System Benefits Hotels.

Inventory System for hotels

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The implementation of an Inventory System can greatly benefit Hotels. As with other industries, the hospitality industry is constantly innovating their business models. Attention to detail helps to ensure a satisfying experience for their customers. These needs can be met with an Inventory System.  We at ASAP Systems, the leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solutions, based in San Jose, CA strive to always provide the best-configured solutions in any industry. This is a discussion of how Hotels can benefit from an Inventory System.

Engineering Department

Engineering Departments require a preventive maintenance program in order to ensure that all equipment is checked regularly for proper and efficient operation. This includes emergency systems such as fire prevention. An Inventory System can manage these programs.  Implementing an Asset Tracking solution will allow Managers to schedule one-time or recurring maintenance events. Let’s take, for instance, a hotel with over 300 rooms. Each has an air conditioner that requires monthly maintenance. Scheduling maintenance to replace/clean air conditioner filters or clean coils will help managers keep track of procedures and will also alert them of upcoming maintenance. An automated system of maintenance can help prevent air conditioner malfunctioning and prevent dissatisfied customers.

Food and Beverage Department

Food and Beverage Service would also benefit from an Inventory System. This department sees rapid supply and demand changes. An Inventory System can automate reminders when stock levels diminish or exceed the pre-configured reorder quantity. Managers can make use of Alerts for Inventory feature when implementing an Inventory System. These alerts are generated via email or text message when the inventory is too low, too high or out of stock. This also prevents a possible excess with the potential of exceeding expiration dates.

inventory system for hotels

Human Resource Department

Human Resources while responsible for recruiting, interviewing and placing Employees, also handles staff relations, payroll, benefits, and training. Human Resource managers plan, direct and coordinate the administrative functions of the hotel. This requires a large staff. In order to keep track of all personnel, Human Resources should consider an Inventory System. This department can benefit from the Reporting feature which generates configurable, detailed reports regarding their staff.

Accounting Department

Accounting can benefit from the Asset Depreciation feature when adopting an Asset Tracking Solution. This department will have the ability to configure depreciation settings within the system. They may also choose a method to calculate depreciating assets and easily compare these methods. The Asset Depreciation feature supports different depreciation methods:  straight-line, sum-of-years, or double decline method.


As you can see, an Inventory System can benefit the overall performance of your hotel. Manually tracking these activities can be challenging and inefficient. With the implementation of an Asset Tracking System, your hotel can increase efficiency and productivity.

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