Inventory Systems Helps School Districts Run!

An inventory system and asset tracking solution can make all the difference in the functionality of an industry. Some may imagine warehouses and construction sites when they think of the need for an inventory system. While that is true, there are other businesses that rely on an inventory system to better their services. School districts, whose goals are along the lines of providing a great education for their students, also benefit tremendously with the right inventory management solution.

ASAP Systems allowed Balsz School District to manage their inventory and assets with peace of mind. With specific barcode labels on each asset and specific information about the items whereabouts on record, Balsz School District was able to minimize the amount of lost assets and inventory. They were even able to successfully manage their “One Laptop per Child” initiative, supplying children with resources they need to succeed without the worry of losing any equipment.

“Our district was in the midst of implementing a ‘one laptop per child’ initiative and needed an equipment management program that could track several thousand computers. Our existing inventory software was outdated and not designed for mobility.”

Hazen Kor,

Network Engineer at Balsz School District.

Balsz School District is a customer of ASAP Systems!

With five different schools within their district, there were hundreds of inventory and assets to track. Each classroom within the school has desks, chairs, whiteboards, computers, etc. that needed to be accounted for. Further along, some inventory such as computers may require maintenance, with some assets even having existing warranties to cover maintenance. These were all factors that the school needed to have on record and be notified of.

With the configurability of ASAP System’s inventory system, users are able to make specific fields and criteria to best suit their work operations. ASAP Systems assisted Balsz School District to accomplish their inventory management goals by allowing users to:

  • Assign asset categories.
  • Track whether an asset is active or inactive.
  • Improve security of expensive assets being moved.
  • Control assets over multiple school locations.
  • Grant immediate access to asset location.
  • Account for lost and misplaced equipment.
  • Generate reports to track cost on all assets.
  • Check out laptops to students.

School districts uses inventory systems to track equipment in classrooms.

Implementing an inventory system and asset tracking solution gave Balsz School District the ability to focus on their main goal: supplying students with a quality education.

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