University Asset Tracking

(San Jose, California)

Have you ever been in a desperate need to acquire an asset quickly or found yourself searching to find a proper reliable method for organizing and tracking your assets? These are both very common problems. Today, we in ASAP Systems, the leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking solutions based in San Jose, California, have a reliable, true method to solve these problems. But first… what is Asset Tracking?

Asset Tracking is a process in which barcode-scanning technology automatically tracks, and traces the location and status of your assets. Nowadays, it has become a critical tool and is seen as increasingly vital in the field of education. As most educational institutes switch to technology-based teaching methods, the number of computers and tablet PCs, audio/video equipment and a wide range of different IT equipment, such as printers, iPads, Chromebooks, etc. has been increasing by the day.

Using an Asset Tracking and Inventory System, you will be able to detect and track all educational technology within a university using serial, model or asset numbers. This means that you will have the ability to keep a trail of how many times it has been used, by whom, and its precise location each time it was moved via barcode scanning. In addition, it increases the shelf life and proper functioning through the automated planning of asset maintenance and calibrated events.

university asset tracking

Other than IT equipment, the Asset Tracking and Inventory System is also designed to track university equipment such as lab equipment, utensils, and even furniture. Furthermore, you can finally take your organizational skills to the next level when it comes to storing and managing documents. Whether financial, legal, or medical records, this system gives you access to all important files instantly.

Take Kevin for example, a student that has a presentation and requires some old documents stored in one of the five libraries on his university campus. He’s facing a lot of research. Now, instead of checking all five libraries, Kevin can simply ask the facilities manager. This manager uses the barcode system to simply check the last location where the asset number had been scanned. Using the barcode system he can determine if it is active or not in use.

Asset Tracking which has been incorporated correctly and efficiently can have a wide range of positive impacts on this field. Primarily it maintains and increases accountability and liability. It also lowers the chances of lost or misplaced assets.

Schools, districts, colleges, universities can all be helped. The only question is, are you ready to take your institution to this next level? Are you prepared to join the future in an innovative system and improve the quality and efficiency of your staff? If yes, then ASAP Systems is just one click away. Call or email us for immediate solutions to improve Asset Tracking in this changing educational world.

They say education is key to a better life. Guess what… so is asset tracking!

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