Asset Tracking System For Better Asset Maintenance Management

Managing assets and maintaining their condition is quite challenging Task. To ensure every Asset item is accounted for, properly maintained, and replaced when needed, it is essential to opt for an Asset Tracking System.

Our Asset Tracking System allows Asset Condition monitoring & Extend their Useful Life

Maintenance tracking encompasses many different aspects. In the simplest form, the feature allows the scheduling of equipment maintenance events and performing/logging these maintenance events at the proper time.

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The Ability to Schedule Both One-time and Recurring Maintenance with Our Asset Tracking System.

Our Asset Tracking System Maintenance Feature allows users, to schedule a one-time maintenance event where users can select a date and determine the maintenance provider. On the other hand, users can schedule recurring maintenance events such as monthly inspections or oil changes for certain equipment. The system allows users the ability to configure the frequency, start/end date/time, and the added feature to perform/log these events with uploaded pictures to provide a complete audit trail.

Perform Maintenance Events with Ease Using our Asset Tracking System’s Maintenance Feature.

Our Asset Tracking System, Maintenance Feature allows users to perform maintenance that has not been scheduled or to conduct pre-scheduled maintenance. The users fill out the date of the maintenance and by whom maintenance will be performed by. Additionally, the system features different alternatives that incorporate the capacity to include work/parts cost and pictures.

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Generate Reports on Maintenance Events with Our Asset Tracking System

Increase visibility of upcoming maintenance events and a history of performed maintenance by generating full reports. The process is straightforward and easy. Users can choose to generate a report on performed, recurring, one-time or scheduled maintenance events. With after-action reports, users will be able to see when equipment maintenance was performed, what it cost, who it was performed by, and any additional notes. This provides an easier way to track and schedule asset maintenance, giving business greater control and accountability while saving money.

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Equipment Maintenance System Capabilities

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Set user-defined equipment maintenance events.

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Set user-defined equipment data collection fields

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Generate user-defined custom reports

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Import and export equipment data

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Track who performed each maintenance event.

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Track who logged each maintenance event

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Enter notes with each maintenance event event

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