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Powerful and Configurable Asset Management Features

Take asset management to the next level with Passport’s robust tracking capabilities. The system makes it easy to start from scratch or transition from spreadsheets because it's built to accommodate user preferences from the start. Pick and choose what features you need and configure the system so you can finally see and track everything that matters to you.

Simplify Equipment Checkout

The equipment checkout functionality in Passport provides library-like accountability. You can create a simple check out-in process and associate assets with people, projects, locations, and more.

Simplify Equipment Checkout

Send Automated Email and Text Alerts

Set up your own alerts to make smart and timely management decisions. Passport gives you the freedom to customize your notifications so that the messages received are relevant and actionable.

Send Automated Alerts for Asset Transactions

Attach Asset Pictures

Asset management would not be complete without the ability to attach pictures and documents for each asset. The feature helps you better identify individual assets and visualize asset condition.

Asset Tracking System with Picture Attachments

Track the full lifecycle of your physical assets.
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User-Defined Barcode Asset Tracking

Design your own barcode labels in minutes with the asset tracking system's built-in editing and printing capabilities. Create barcode templates with logos and information so that assets can be categorized and uniquely identified according to your company needs.

Barcode Asset Tracking Software

Rename and Edit Data Fields

The data grids allow you slice and dice your data, which is highly useful for managing assets. Easily rename data fields and add or edit columns so that your team can navigate through the information that matters most, quickly and fluently.

Personalize Asset Tracking Software Data Fields

Asset Management History and Reports

Improving and optimizing your asset management starts with understanding your system data. Through the ability to configure reports, gaining insight into your operations over time is no longer difficult. The reporting capabilities in Passport make it easy to select reporting criteria, format the template, and then export the file or schedule its delivery occurrence.

Log Asset Management History and Schedule Reports
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