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Asset Tracking for

Elections Divisions

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Elections Divisions Asset Tracking System

ASAP Systems’ top-rated Asset Tracking System can easily track and manage election equipment that are deployed to local polling stations in schools, churches and other locations throughout the county. Automatically track hundreds of voting booths and machines along with laptops, judge’s booth controllers, and security devices using barcode scanning technology. The Asset Tracking System saves counties time and money associated with preparing for Election Day with an efficient way to manage voting equipment.

Local Government Asset Tracking - Video

Our Robust, Best in Class Asset Tracking System improves operational performance and profitability for local government. Take a look at how this powerful System fits asset management requirements for local government divisions, including electoral divisions.

Elections Divisions Asset Tracking Popular Features

Check out/in with due dates

Keep track of asset maintenance

Import & export excel data

Multi-site functionality

Keep asset photos and cost records

Report on asset location & user