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Asset Tracking for the

Federal Government

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Federal Government Asset Tracking System

ASAP Systems’ Complete, Barcode Asset Tracking System allows Federal Government employees and contractors to important items such as vehicles, computing hardware, weapons, equipment, tools, documents, drawings, sensitive items. Our Government Website Review 10 Asset Tracking System provides scheduled/unscheduled maintenance, check-in/out and document all regulatory requirements.

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A powerful Asset Tracking system for all agencies within the Federal Government:

Department of:

  • Transportation
  • Energy
  • Health & Human Services
  • Education
  • Justice
  • Labor
  • Homeland Security
  • State
  • Veteran Affairs

Federal Government Asset Tracking System Features

  • Reports – Scheduled, Ad-Hoc, and contractually required reporting
  • Records of Government Property Custodial/location assignments
  • Receipt of Government Property
  • Acquisition of Property
  • Physical Inventory
  • Subcontractor control
  • Relief of stewardship responsibility and liability
  • Utilization records of Government property
  • Maintenance – Scheduled/Unscheduled
  • Inspections and periodic maintenance
  • Property closeout
  • Customizable Reports to replicate user forms/documents
  • Inventory and Asset Full Features List

Asset Tracking for the Federal Government

Commonly tracked assets in the government industry range from tools, trucks and phones, to important documents and archived records. Tracking assets helps all departments of the federal government save money by increasing overall control and by preventing lost or misplaced assets.

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Equipment Tracking

Keep an audit trail of who had an item for every time it was moved via barcode scan, providing immediate access to asset location, and checking out-in government-owned equipment to individuals.

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Vehicle Tracking

Reference regulatory compliance such as DOT inspections, Support contracts and driver required training/certifications.

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IT Asset & Furniture Tracking

Furniture in with Equipment Tracking. The verbiage for IT Assets is effective with adding the term equipment refresh in the verbiage. Government agencies schedule refresh of all of the IT assets.

Document Tracking

For government and associated industries it is important to track and maintain various types of documents such as delivery receipts, purchase orders, financial/legal records, sensitive documents, and document/drawing configuration management