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Asset Tracking for Public Works

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Public Works Asset Tracking System

Within County Public Works departments, such as Transportation, Administrative Services, Roads, Resource, Fleet, Waste Management, etc., there are numerous tools and equipment in the office and out in the field that are easily and automatically managed with our robust, complete Barcode Asset Tracking System. It allows you to track where an asset is in real-time, who is using it, and its historical information to save you from the hassle and cost of tracking assets manually.

Public Works Asset Tracking - Video

Watch how Our Asset Tracking Solution fits asset management obligations for local government entities, including Public Works. Improve operational efficiency and profitability with a complete asset management system for local government.

Features of our Army Asset Tracking System

Check-In, Check-Out Public Works assets / Equipment.

Multi-site functionality

Keep track of Governmental Asset maintenance

Keep asset photos and cost records

Import & export excel Asset data

Report on asset location & user

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