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Asset Tracking for

the State Government

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State Government Asset Tracking System

ASAP Systems’ easy-to-use and configurable, Barcode Asset Tracking System for state governments provides the ability to track expensive equipment such as vehicles, laptops, computers, and cellphones. Keep up-to-date with calibration by scheduling maintenance and increase accountability with asset tracking, by location, serial numbers, checking out and into individuals, and more. Additionally, our powerful system provides quick and easy access to systematically track, manage, and locate significant documents and files for immediate use.

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Asset Tracking System suitable for all agencies within the State Government:

  • State Hospitals/ Health Departments
  • Superior Courts
  • Country Courts
  • District Courts
  • Business & Commerce
  • Public Services
  • State Board of Education
  • State Transportation
  • State Environment-Resource Agencies
  • Public Safety & Correction

State Government Asset Tracking System Features

Check In, Check Out State Government assets / Equipment

Record State Government Asset Loss, damage, transfer or disposal

Enable addition of new items in the field

Maintain asset cost records

Search for assets, items or documents by location

Track whether an asset is active or inactive

Track serial and model number with barcode scanning

Enable data field renaming

Generate management reports

Schedule equipment maintenance

Schedule transfers to other locations

Record notes for each asset