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Asset Tracking for

State Hospitals

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State Hospitals Asset Tracking System

Healthcare organizations heavily rely on our complete Asset Tracking System to barcode and manage medical fixed assets that are essential to patient care and clinic effectiveness, from infusion pumps and wheelchairs to IT assets and defibrillators even patient monitoring cables. Passport for healthcare helps you collect and centralize personal medical documents, files, and the flow of asset data, and even significant medical records. Overall, accomplishing day-to-day tasks by checking out and in medical equipment accurately with immediate access to asset location saves time, money, and task redundancy is eliminated.

A Complete Asset Tracking Solution for Medical Assets

Track every kind of hospital asset that is essential to patient care and clinic effectiveness, from infusion pumps to wheelchairs, telemetry transmitters to defibrillators even patient monitoring cables. Our robust Asset Tracking solution gives you complete asset tracking control that will improve your operational efficiency.

State Hospitals Asset Tracking Features

Track medical assets by location

Schedule asset maintenance

Asset Check-in/ Check out feature

Schedule transfers to other locations

Barcode technology

Asset Maintenance Tracking - Watch & Learn

Watch an overview on how Asset Maintenance works within our Asset Tracking System. Learn how users can keep an asset log of milestones, including, calibration deadlines, mileage points, expiration dates, and expired licenses.