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Asset Tracking for

the Superior Court

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Superior Courts Asset Tracking System

Does your courthouse need to track hundreds of assets, ranging from chairs and cabinets to electronic devices and law books? Is your outdated paper and pen system responsible for countless lost assets and a general lack of accountability? If so, it is time to advance your operations through our complete Asset Tracking System. Utilize its easy-to-use interface and accurate barcode-based record keeping to save you time and money.

Government-Focused Asset Tracking Solution

ASAP Systems’ Asset Tracking System, helps a variety of superior, state, and local courthouses. The powerful System giving IT departments the ability to keep track of IT assets computers, printers, and monitors. The powerful system  eliminates task redundancy, saves time, and continues to provide government agencies the power to earn a return on investment.

Superior Court Asset Tracking Features

Check out/in with due dates

Keep track of asset maintenance

Import & export excel data

Multi-site functionality

Keep asset photos and cost records

Report on asset location & user