Asset Tracking System for Audio-Electronics

Watch how Shure Inc. used Passport's barcoding capabilities to track and report on the movement of audio-electronics, as well as streamline their equipment checkout process.

"Welcome to ASAP Systems' Passport, a business-based barcode application that can be hosted or locally installed, and provides solutions for tracking both stock inventory and assets. And now, ASAP Systems' Passport helps Shure increase profitability by enhancing their asset checkout process with a user-friendly asset tracking system that tracks audio electronics such as microphones, wireless systems, and more. Upgrading to a barcode-based system allowed Shure to easily track the end-to-end asset lifecycle from when equipment was received, until it was checked out and returned, or issued out of the inventory.

Shure saved time tracking the assets they needed to check out to artists in locations around the world. And, Passport allowed Shure to create and schedule reports to know where assets were located, who had them, and when they were coming back. In addition, Shure could set up personalized alerts reminding the team when assets were due to be returned.

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