Asset Tracking System for IT Consulting

Watch this video on how Passport was able to provide an asset tracking solution scalable to this IT consulting firm’s infrastructure.

“Welcome to ASAP Systems Passport, a business-based barcoding application that can be hosted, or locally installed, and provides solutions for tracking stock inventory and assets.

And now, ASAP Systems meets Octo Consulting Groups’ short and long-term inventory needs by efficiently tracking nearly a quarter-million dollars worth of IT assets, such as laptops, desktops, monitors and projectors.

The barcode-based system allows Octo to accurately track the complete asset lifecycle from when IT assets are received, until they are checked out and returned, or issued out of inventory.

And, Passport optimized Octo’s employee onboarding process with the ability to view the up-to-date status of all checked out IT assets including their condition, current location, custodian, and due date.

For more information about ASAP Systems Passport, please contact us for a free, live demo today.”

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