Time Duration Tracking

Time duration tracking, reporting, and billing are all easily performed in Passport. Users can automatically log the time and date stamps for all stock item transcations, such receive, move, reorder, and issue. Alternatively, the duration of time involved in asset check out-check in for tools and equipment can be tracked within Passport. The Time Duration module also allows users to track and log time and attendance, generate asset usage or check out-in reports, location-based duration reporting and billing.

The billing function within this feature also allows users to set hourly billable rates and overtime rates for all items, categories of items, and for when people sign in and sign out. From this information, users can generate a fully configured report for specific tracking needs.

Time Duration Video

How long have assets been deployed? Which assets are underutilized because they have been sitting on the shelf? Watch how these questions are easily answered by using the Time Duration Module.


Time Duration Configuration

Track the duration of time equipment has been loaned out (from check out to check in) as well as billing rates associated with time duration at specific locations.

Time Duration Reporting

Create a configurable report on all details associated with the movement of items including billable rates.

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