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Get organized and track your IT equipment effectively with Passport. This barcode based asset tracking system is designed to make it easy to control inventory and monitor assets that move between locations and employees.

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Simplify Software and Hardware Deployment

Having trouble keeping track of employee devices, software licences and product keys? Passport can help you reduce potential IT costs and simplify software/hardware deployment by allowing you to scan each item and store its information in association with employees, branches, and offices.

Also, Passport integrates with active directory so that employee information can be pulled in from each branch or division.

Reporting and Department Alignment

Passport makes it easy to maintain accurate internal records and report on the criteria that matters across your organization. If there are multiple reports that your Finance or IT departments would like to monitor, you can select the data categories for each report in just a few clicks, and also schedule the occurrence of the reports with another few clicks. The reports can then be emailed to teams or executives, keeping everyone in the loop.

In addition, if departments require that certain data be hidden, the advanced security feature can be used to establish role or location based permissions.

Track Equipment Maintenance
and Depreciation

Track Equipment Maintenance and Depreciation

Your branch is able to log maintenance info for every asset scanned into the system. If, for example, a printer or computer requires routine maintenance work every 6 months, you can set up notifications in advance that will alert the appropriate personnel of the upcoming task.

To prepare for tax season or when audits come around, the software provides the ability to track asset depreciation with the straight line, double declining, and sum of year methods.

Founded in 2006, Octo Consulting Group has been providing IT solutions to clients in the defense, intelligence, and security markets. Octo's success spurred a recent hiring boom and the purchasing of several hundred IT assets. In order to prevent errors during the deployment process, the company decided it needed a comprehensive asset management solution.

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