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Adjust Inventory

How to Adjust Inventory Based on Physical Count

The Cloud-Based Inventory System’s new adjust inventory feature lets administrators adjust the inventory count, based on physical count without the trouble of rescanning their entire inventory.

This feature is conveniently located on the top menu bar between dispose and physical inventory.

adjust physical inventory

Video about adjust inventory.

Over stock, under stock, and inventory shrinkage are common problems that Warehouses and Stockrooms encounter due to an uncontrolled, miscounted inventory.

Having a proper inventory count can help get rid of these costly issues. Watch this video to see how you can use BarCloud to improve your inventory and help you keep track.


What can you do with Adjust Inventory?

Once you’ve clicked on the adjust inventory icon, you will see a pending transaction under which you can select a location, and enter inventory ID number and quantity change based on your physical count.

Additionally, you can add transaction notes when you adjust inventory, allowing you to document and communicate the reason(s) for the change, giving users and extra level of control and accountability.

inventory adjust details

Inventory Count audit

Under history, you can scroll down to adjust inventory to see your previous adjustments to keep you informed of inventory count changes and when they were made.

Users will also be able to see the location, date, and who did the adjustment as well.

physical inventory adjust

Benefits of Adjust Inventory

This feature makes BarCloud an even more power inventory management and asset tracking system by giving its users added flexibility and control.

Only Administrators and those that the administrator give permissions to are able to make adjustments in the adjust inventory feature.

Any adjustments made based on physical inventory counts can be logged with detailed information giving stockroom managers and administrators peace of mind.

inventory adjust history



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