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Add-On Features

Advanced Stock Inventory

The base system functionality of our online inventory management and asset tracking software is for basic, quantity–based inventory such as nuts and bolts, bin items, or boxes, cases and pallets of product. Advanced Stock Inventory is available for businesses that need to track quantity–based stock inventory, including:

Batch lot inventory: Food, chemicals, medical supplies or production lot tracking

Serialized inventory: Appliances or electronics

Serial with quantity inventory: Textile rolls, chemical drums and totes

Inventory with expiration dates: Food items or medicine

Non–inventoried items: Labor hours or low/no value piece parts.

Last In, First Out (LIFO) and First In, First Out (FIFO)

Online Stock Inventory Pack and Ship
Pack and Ship Barcode Feature

Configurable Inventory Data Grid

BarCloud lets you configure your inventory data grid according to how you want it by picking and choosing what columns within the data grid you want to display, hide, reorganize or sort.


Display Stock Item Barcodes

Generate a barcode catalog listing each advanced inventory stock item and display other key elements—Stock descriptions, expiration dates, inventory stock ID numbers and barcodes.

Pick, Pack, and Ship History Online


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