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Asset Reservation Cart

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The Asset Reservation Cart

The Asset Reservation Cart allows all members of the organization the ability to personally reserve the required Asset items and assign a due date when the item should be checked back in. The Administrators can than check-out the chosen Asset to the employee who reserved it.


     Employees and Internal Staff has the ability to:
  • See all available items set for check-out.
  • Send out Reservation requests on required Asset items.
  • Set a Due date to return the checked out Asset items.
  • Flag   their favorite Asset items.
  • Search for available Assets on a designated date.
  • Explore Assets available for Check-out between a starting     date and ending date.
  • Search globally through any active column.
  • View past-due Asset Items.
     Administrators Have the ability to:
  • Select Asset Items which are available for Checkout.
  • Set up the company's Logo in the Asset Shop.
  • Process the reservation requests and check out the       demanded Asset Item.
  • Configure the home screen view, either a Asset list       view or models view.
  • Choose which columns he wishes to appear in the         Asset Shop.
  • Choose The image size, either small or large.

How Does the Reservation Cart Work?

Watch this video and learn how the All New Asset Reservation Cart work. The Asset Reservation Cart, is a place where any user in your organization can be permitted access to easily log in and make a reservation on available Assets.

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