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Asset Route Tracking Feature Video

BarCloud’s asset route tracking feature online allows you to conveniently track assets when traveling outside your location of business with your smart device. Thus, increasing visibility by recording the exact route your assets, a vehicle or person took during transport.

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“Welcome to BarCloud, a business based barcoding application which is hosted in the cloud that provides solutions for tracking both stock inventory and assets.

BarCloud announces its new Asset Route Tracking feature. Increase asset tracking visibility using the BarCloud mobile app on smartphones by tracking the route taken when moving assets from one location to another.

You’ve got vehicles such as technicians, trucks, and vans that can be tracked.

And you’ll use barcodes to quickly and accurately scan item to those vehicles. Your smartphone’s built-in camera or Unitech’s Bluetooth barcode scanner paired to your smartphone enables the barcode scanning.

Track a variety of assets such as safety equipment, tools and other industrial equipment. Once the tools and equipment are loaded on a vehicle for transport, start routing with the click of a button.

When traveling from location to the other, the GPS functionality of your smartphone is used to track the exact route taken.

Once arrived at the destination, you’ll stop routing and instantly view the summary of the route traveled. Nearby locations already in your system are presented or simply add a new one you can use later. This completes the route portion.

From here, you have the ability to easily scan one or more of the items to further process the items themselves. For example, you can move them, check them out or back in, or dispose of them. Thus, saving time and money using the item tracking capabilities too.

After completion, instantly view the route details such as the distance and duration traveled.

Additionally, after completing a trip, you’ll be able to analyze the route details including the mapped route in the BarCloud Web Application.

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