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Cloud Based Asset Tracking Solution

The Complete Asset Tracking System configurable and easy to use.

The All-In-One Asset Tracking System

Designed to Cater All Organizational Needs.

The Complete Asset Tracking System

Our Asset Tracking System enables you to perform online asset management and equipment tracking accurately and efficiently. You can use smartphones or barcode scanners to streamline data entry and the day to day processes of asset tracking. Our powerful System is a comprehensive cloud solution for barcode item tracking, equipment checkout, resource deployment, barcode label printing, and reporting.

Asset Tracking Solution for your Business Needs

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Configurable Barcode Labels

From warehouse shelves to job numbers, anything can be identified with a barcode to make asset tracking easier. And Our Web-Based Asset Management System enables you to format the barcode labels to meet your requirements.

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Rename Asset
Data Fields

This simple idea helps make your asset tracking solution user-friendly. With our Cloud-Based Asset Tracking System, you can rename any asset data field to match your terminologies.

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Flexible Asset Tracking Reports

Web-based asset tracking features include unlimited reporting with an easy-to-use report wizard tool. Or use the intuitive built-in reports that were designed to provide insight, and gain maximum visibility.

Benefits of our Asset Tracking Solution

Track IT Equipment Changes<

Track IT Equipment Changes

Team- and project-based work often deals with changes in custody of devices, IT equipment, and other assets. Our powerful system makes it easy to keep tabs on which employees are using which asset and for how long. If a sudden change of custody occurs, simply re-assign the asset to a person or location in the software or via a mobile scanning device. Best of all, at any time you can run a report on asset locations, maintenance dates, physical inventory, and more.

Improve Asset Utilization

Improve Asset Utilization

Accessing the status of equipment (e.g. active, inactive, damaged, etc.) at multiple locations requires a robust software solution, especially when dealing with hundreds of dierent assets. The ability to login to a centralized online database from anywhere allows you to look-up assets and ensure they aren’t missing or being over- or under-utilized. Get the most out of your assets with with our Cloud-Based Asset Tracking System.

Online Equipment Tracking

Online Equipment Tracking

Equipment availability can make or break a job for service-oriented businesses. Whether it be for a routine maintenance activity in operations or a client repair, our asset tracking software enables teams to monitor equipment and keep them in working order. It also helps companies maintain a history of asset movement and activity so that companies can account for equipment lent to employees and/or clients over time.

Our Top Asset Tracking Functionalities

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    Track equipment by location, in the cloud

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    Easy to use, web-based system

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    User configurable web-based system

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    Schedule and perform Asset Maintenance in our web-based system

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    Visualize analytical metrics and graphs online

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    Unlimited, configurable report editing online

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    Uses off-the-shelf, hand-held barcode scanners

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    Generate the easiest route available to asset location

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