Cloud-Based Asset and Inventory Management Proven to Optimize Your Business

Asset Tracking Features

Take a tour of the features that work together to help simplify asset management and allow you to track your assets effectively.

Base Features



Check out and in assets with due dates using smartphones, tablets and mobile barcode scanners.

Import asset data anywhere—anytime using Google Drive, MS SkyDrive, and Dropbox.

Track and locate assets on a geographical map and quickly generate easiest route available to asset location.

Schedule and perform maintenance when assets reach a certain milestone such as calibration deadline, etc.


Analytically show when assets were checked out, how long they are checked out for, and approaching warranty dates.

Set trigger alerts to notify a user via SMS text message or Email on approaching warranty end date, etc.

Use Signature Capture to collect and save the signature of the person receiving and disposing of assets.

Import user login details such as accounts, login authentication and more.


Calculate the depreciation of assets based on business models and accounting practices.

Configure, run, and schedule your own asset tracking reports in real time.

Use Asset Route Tracking to track the route taken when relocating assets from one location to another.

Reserve assets in advance, visualize their schedule, and ensure they are available when needed.


Improve the speed and accuracy of your internal purchase order workflow from order creation to fulfillment.

Print configurable receipts directly from the main BarCloud Asset transaction screens.

Users can begin flagging asset items, and input collaborative notes with a user and timestamp on important modules.


Add-On Features


Track assets with the option of adding stock within the same system, same interface and on the same screen.

Allows access and data viewable from all locations or groups. Run global reports an set up users by sites.

Integration of the RFID tracking system in its mobile application BarCloud